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to the other small world.

There are many interesting things in the 1:80 small world.
Go to find your favorite one.

Recommended ways to enjoy SMALL WORLDSENJOY SMALL WORLDS

  • 1

    Change the view point

    You can enjoy the mysterious 1:80 scale world in completely different ways by looking at it from above and from the small world’s eye level!

  • 2

    Enjoy the day & night views

    At different times you will see the different charms of this small world where day alternates with night every 15 minutes!

  • 3

    What is your occupation?

    Different kinds of people are living in the small world. Coal miners, florists, cabin attendants…What job do you want to do in this small world?

  • 4

    Look for the characters!

    Various characters that cannot be found in the real world are a part of daily life in SMALL WORLDS TOKYO. Maybe there are characters that haven’t been discovered by anyone yet…

  • 5

    Imagine your life here

    In the airport lounge and room in an apartment… Passengers on the train and tourists lying on the beach… All of them are the protagonists living in this world. Where would you like to live?

  • 6

    Your story

    How about starting your own story in this small world? Tell us your story!