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Be part of the other small world.
Live another life in the other small world.

Walk through the Gulliver tunnel,
and you’ll see the mysterious 1:80 scale world.

Walk through the tunnel, and you’ll see the miniature world of tremendous scale.
In cities where people and vehicles come and go, the sun rises, excitements fill the air, and the sun goes down. What stories does this place tell? You may wonder.
As you watch the earnest people live their days in the beautifully miniature cities, your busy days may be slipping out of your mind. Wait a minute.
The world you live in may be smaller and slighter than the miniature world.


the stories
the small world.

Find your own story at SMALL WORLDS.
At different times you will see the different charms of this small world where day alternates with night every 15 minutes!
To those who want to visit the back side of SMALL WORLDS, we recommend joining Backyard Tour!


Enjoy taking
your memorable shot

Find your own photo spot in the small world
We will regularly hold photo contests for those who like taking photos.


a resident the small world.

Become a resident of the small world and enter the world of the story.
Head to the world of the story presented in each area!


Let’s create
a small world together.

SMALL WORLDS TOKYO is holding workshops you can enjoy in the park and miniature contests where competitors create works under a theme. Cute snow globes and seasonal workshops may also be available!?


Enjoy the cuisine
brought by the hotel chef.

Former head chef of Japan’s leading hotels will display his skills in the kitchen.


Bring home
today’s memories

Buy “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” and “Evangelion” goods that are only available at SMALL WORLDS TOKYO as well as cute & fashionable SMALL WORLDS original goods to bring the memories home!

1:80 / 1:35 Scale Figure Creation Plan

Create a miniature figure of yourself with the state-of-the-art 3D scanner as a souvenir of your visit!

1:80 / 1:35 Scale Figure Creation Plan

Create a figure of yourself
using a 3D scanner

You can create a 1:80 scale figure or a 1:35 scale figure of yourself using our state-of-the-art 3D scanner.

1:80 / 1:35 Scale Figure Creation Plan

There are two sizes to choose from: 1:80 and 1:35!

You can choose either 1:80 scale (about 2cm), the size being used in SMALL WORLDS TOKYO, or 1:35 scale (about 5cm), which can be used to collaborate with other miniatures!

1:80 / 1:35 Scale Figure Creation Plan

Pick up your figure when you come to the park or choose a delivery service!

You can pick up your figure at the Annual Pass counter on the day of your visit. If you choose a delivery service, the figure will be shipped after production is finished.
*The production of figure will be finished 10 days after the 3D scanning.

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