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Make Your Figure Create a Figure of Yourself

Create a miniature figure of yourself
using our state-of-the-art 3D scanner!

1:80 / 1:35 Scale Figure Creation Plan

1:80 / 1:35 Scale Figure Creation Plan

Create a figure of yourself
using a 3D scanner

You can create a 1:80 scale figure or a 1:35 scale figure of yourself using our state-of-the-art 3D scanner.

1:80 / 1:35 Scale Figure Creation Plan

There are two sizes to choose from: 1:80 and 1:35!

You can choose either 1:80 scale (about 2cm), the size being used in SMALL WORLDS TOKYO, or 1:35 scale (about 5cm), which can be used to collaborate with other miniatures!

1:80 / 1:35 Scale Figure Creation Plan

Pick up your figure when you come to the park or choose a delivery service!

You can pick up your figure at the Annual Pass counter on the day of your visit. If you choose a delivery service, the figure will be shipped after production is finished.
*The production of figure will be finished 14 days after the 3D scanning.

You can buy it at the Residency Support Center on the 3rd floor.

Create a figure as a memory of today!

  • Individual

    As a visit commemoration!

  • Couple

    As a memory of your date!

  • Group

    With your family or friends!

  • With your pet

    Together with your favorite pet!


*All tax included

Price 1:80 scale 1:35 scale
1 figure Additional figure of the same type 1 figure Additional figure of the same type
Individual ¥2,000 ¥1,000 ¥3,500※1 ¥1,500
Couple ¥3,000 ¥1,500 ¥4,500 ¥2,000
Group ¥4,000 ¥2,000 ¥6,000 ¥2,500
With your pet
Coming soon!
¥8,000 ¥4,000 ¥12,000 ¥5,000
  • *1) If you have the Annual Pass of Figure Program with Resident Right, a 1:35 scale figure will cost only ¥2,000.
    Please bring your Annual Pass to Residency Support Center.
  • *If you do the 3D scanning with children aged 3 and under, the price will be the same as for one person.

3D Scan Data Plan (with SD card)

Take your valuable 3D scanning data back home!

Visitors who have created figures can also buy their 3D scanning data.

  • Annual Pass holders with resident rights*

    ¥2,500(tax included)

    Other than the above

    ¥4,000(tax included)
  • *Annual Pass holders with resident rights are those who have already got their Annual Passes in the “Figure Program with Resident Right”.

    *An extra ¥550 (tax included) will be charged separately as postage if you choose the shipping service.

    *You will get your data on the SD card prepared by SMALL WORLDS TOKYO.

Figure Display Stand

How about decorating your figure?

Decorate your home with a figure on the display stand.

Display Stand for 1:80 Scale Figure
¥400 (tax included)

Display Stand for 1:35 Scale Figure
¥500 (tax included)

Display stands are sold in the souvenir shop on the 3rd floor.

How to use display stands
& Replaceable image download