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Daiwa Roynet Hotel Tokyo Ariake Parking Lot User Guide

Ariake Butsuryu Center, 1-3-33, Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo.

Daiwa Roynet Hotel Tokyo Ariake Parking Lot User Guide

【Hours of operation】 3 hours: ¥1,200~ (Up to 24 hours: ¥2,300~)
*The price may change on weekdays, weekends, holidays and specific days.

【Number of parking spaces】 About 100

【Size of parking space】 Height 2.1m / Width 2.0m / Length 5.5m

*Be sure to bring your parking ticket to SMALL WORLDS TOKYO and use the special device installed in the park to stamp your parking ticket. Without this stamp you will not get the discount when you leave the parking lot. Please note that there is no special stamping device in the parking lot.

*SMALL WORLDS TOKYO will bear no responsibility for any accident and theft happened in the parking lot.

*It will take about 10 minutes (750m) for you to walk from the parking lot to SMALL WORLDS TOKYO. There is no shuttle service.

Daiwa Roynet Hotel Tokyo Ariake Parking Lot:
Fees for SMALL WORLDS TOKYO visitors
(¥ per unit)
  Weekdays (Monday ~ Friday) Holidays (Weekends & National Holidays) Specified Days (Weekdays) Specified Days (Weekends & National Holidays)
*Tokyo Big Sight:
Comic Market days
First hour 400 400 400 400
Each additional hour 300 300 300 300
Maximum fee 2300 2800 3000 3000

Route Map

Time required from major stations in Tokyo

Visiting SMALL WORLD TOKYO from Ariake-Tennis-no-mori Station

  1. 有明テニスの森からの案内01

    Turn right after exiting the ticket gate.
    (You can find SMALL WORLDS TOKYO on the map.)

  2. 有明テニスの森からの案内02

    Go along the slope on the right and go down the stairs.

  3. 有明テニスの森からの案内03

    Go straight, cross the road and then turn right.

  4. 有明テニスの森からの案内04

    Go straight to the first corner.

  5. 有明テニスの森からの案内05

    Turn left at the first corner.

  6. 有明テニスの森からの案内06

    After turning left, go straight.

  7. 有明テニスの森からの案内07

    After passing “UNDER ARMOUR BRAND HOUSE Ariake”, you will find SMALL WORLDS TOKYO.

Visiting SMALL WORLD TOKYO from Kokusai-Tenjijo Station

  1. 国際展示場駅からのご案内01

    Turn right after exiting the Kokusai-Tenjijo Station ticket gate.

  2. 国際展示場駅からのご案内02

    Go straight and go up the stairs (Coliseum Bridge) on your right.

  3. 国際展示場駅からのご案内03

    Cross the Coliseum Bridge and go down the stairs.

  4. 国際展示場駅からのご案内04

    Go straight towards the Ariake Coliseum and continue straight on the road under the Ariake Coliseum

  5. 国際展示場駅からのご案内05

    You will see SMALL WORLDS’s logo and the building in front of you.

  6. 国際展示場駅からのご案内06

    At the end of the road turn left and cross the first pedestrian crossing.

  7. 国際展示場駅からのご案内07

    After crossing the road, go straight along the trees.

  8. 国際展示場駅からのご案内08

    SMALL WORLDS TOKYO is on your right.

Time required from major bus stops in Tokyo