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NEWS 2022/03/18

【Only for the first 2022 customers】Leave your appearance at graduation or enrollment in 3D figure!

Leave your appearance at graduation or enrollment in 3D figure!
How about giving a shape to ~Myself at Graduation Ceremony~?
Leave your appearance at graduation or enrollment in 3D figure!
How about giving a shape to ~Myself at Graduation Ceremony~?
A special plan of making 3D figures will be offered in the world’s largest indoor miniature theme park “SMALL WORLDS TOKYO” (hereinafter referred to as SMALL WORLDS) for people who celebrate their graduation and enrollment. Many people are worried about participating in large gatherings or traveling far away due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so we prepared this plan with the hope that you can preserve memories in a good way! Besides taking photos, how about capturing your “current” appearance in a 3D figure? You can come in any clothes you like, such as casual clothes, your last uniform, new uniform or hakama!

■Graduates and freshmen of 2022 can create a figure with this special plan!
The figure will be made after a girl makes a pose she likes in the state-of-the-art 3D scanner in SMALL WORLDS and holds still for 3 seconds. 3D scanning will be done by sensors and cameras from every angle, which ensures the figure will be the same with the girl! It takes about 10 days to produce the figure. The customer can pick it up when she comes to play for free with the attached ticket next time.
Figure and Special Figure Display Stand (1:35 [Left], 1:80 [Right])

Graduation & Enrollment Celebration Figure Plan
Eligible Visitors
Graduates and freshmen of 2022
(Nursery school, kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, university, vocational school, graduate school, etc.)
*Only for the first 2022 customers
・1:80 : ¥2,000
・1:35 : ¥3,500
*Please make an inquiry if you want to get a hand-painted figure.
March 19, 2022 (Sat.) ~ April 24, 2022 (Sun.)
・Special Figure Display Stand
・One free admission ticket for your next visit (Only customer himself/herself can use it.)
・AR (digital figure)

*You need to buy the Admission Passport on the day of your visit to use this plan.
*You can use the Annual Pass and various discounts for the admission.
*No reservation required

■There are changing rooms for you to change your clothes!
There are changing rooms in the Immigration Room (place for 3D scanning) on the 1st floor! If you bring clothes for the 3D scanning, you can change into it before the scanning. Please feel free to ask our staff.

■After the scanning, you will get a free digital figure that can be played with right on that day!
You can transfer the 3D data after the scanning to your smartphone and use it in AR (Augmented Reality). Come to the Residency Support Center on the 3rd floor at the designated time (about 30 minutes after the scanning) to get your data. If you display the digital figure on the screen of your smartphone and point the camera at the miniatures in SMALL WORLDS, you can enjoy taking photos in which it will look like you entered the miniature world. Since this is a 3D data, you can freely rotate and resize your figure. Besides, the data can be used in many other places apart from SMALL WORLDS.
*For smartphones on Android, it is necessary to install a special application that can display data in glb format.

■You can upgrade this plan and create a special figure!
We also accept orders for 1:24 scale figures and special custom-made 1:12 scale figures (¥60,000~ (tax included)) hand-painted by figure craftsmen. The craftsmen’s hand-made figure will surely be the one and only special memorable item in the world. You can also do the 3D scanning and create the figures with your friends or family members. Feel free to ask the staff.

In the future, SMALL WORLDS will cheer for the “memorial days” of our dear visitors in various ways through figures.