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NEWS 2021/03/05

"Self-Guided Backyard Tour" will be available from March 22, 2021 (Mon.).

“Self-Guided Backyard Tour”
will be available from March 22, 2021 (Mon.).
A new form in the “with COVID-19” era! Just like an escape game?
Self-Guided Backyard Tour for visitors to enjoy by themselves
Self-Guided Backyard Tour

With the spread of COVID-19, we decided to present you a new type of Backyard Tour.
Up till now, visitors were guided by our tour guides during the Backyard Tours. But in the new “Self-Guided Backyard Tour”, visitors can explore the backyard by themselves with the help of map and audio guide.

■Just like an escape game? A tour where you can go in and out of the backyard using electronic keys
Electronic key devices that can open and close doors without any contact are set at the entrances and exits of the backyard.
Visitors can use their smartphones or special electronic keys to open the door and enter the backyard.
A Self-Guided Tour with a map, audio guide and a special key is just like an escape game.
Since you can use your own smartphone, you don’t need to worry about getting infected after touching the key.
Apart from showing the production of miniatures, we plan to hold various events in the backyard!
At some point, you need to solve mysteries to escape from the backyard or can listen to the audio guide voiced by the SMALL WORLDS official ambassador for a limited time. All these allow you to enjoy this tour for many times.

■What happens to the plane after it takes off? You can see that amazing sight!
Once you enter the backyard, you can see the planes taking off and landing in the “Kansai International Airport” area at a close distance.
How the planes created using the cutting-edge technology move after the takeoff?
While listening to the detailed explanation from the audio guide, you can see how the planes return and land automatically.

Self-Guided Backyard Tour

■Go back and forth between the backyard and the general aisle and take special photos!
The areas seen from the backyard may be different, just as the miniatures can look different from different angles.
For example, in the backyard, you can see the airship, which is usually far away and can hardly be seen, up close. It may seem that the airship is the center of the world.
Railroads that lie far away may also have a new look, since you can see even the finest details from the backyard.
Depending on spot from which you look at them, you may take some special photos different from the usual ones.

Self-Guided Backyard Tour

■Setting a limit on the number of visitors to avoid crowding
For “Self-Guided Backyard Tour”, we will implement a pre-registration system (on a first-come, first served basis) to limit the number of visitors.
In addition, if there is a detected coronavirus cluster, the contact information you provide will also be used to contact you.

Please provide the date of your visit via the registration form in advance.
*There is a limit on the number of visitors per day.
*You need to show the registration completion screen at the JCB lounge on the 3rd floor.

¥1,000 (tax included) per person
*You need to buy an “Admission Passport” or an “Annual Pass” to participate in Self-Guided Backyard Tour.

■Free trial for one month starting from the service launch
The service will be provided from March 22 (Mon.).
Moreover you can try it for free during the period from March 22 (Mon.) to April 21 (Wed.).
*You need to complete the “Registration” to use the service mentioned above.

■Check out the following content for details.
Self-Guided Backyard Tour Page

■Precautionary measures against novel coronavirus 【Fight back COVID-19】
In order to let all visitors enjoy SMALL WORLDS TOKYO safely, we will take thorough measures to fight against COVID-19 including temperature check, hands disinfection with alcohol during admission, setting contactless alcohol disinfectants and disposable gloves in display spaces and ventilating regularly.