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EVENT 2021/10/29

"Shichi-Go-San figure" as a present!

will give “Shichi-Go-San figure”
as a present!

It is a new souvenir to preserve
the family love in tangible form.

Shichi-Go-San figure as a present!

SMALL WORLDS TOKYO will carry out a “Shichi-Go-San figure” present campaign from November 1 (Mon.) to November 30 (Tue.).

To celebrate “Shichi-Go-San (a festival for children of three, five and seven years of age)”, SMALL WORLDS TOKYO will give a 1:80 scale (about 2cm) family figure as a present to every family with 2 or more members who visit the park in November. (For reference: General price for a pair figure is 3,000 yen.)
This is your chance to reproduce the child’s special day that only happens once in a lifetime in a figure and preserve the family love in tangible form.

In addition, during the campaign, you can get a bigger “Shichi-Go-San figure” in 1:35 scale (about 4.6cm) by paying 2,000 yen (tax included). You can also get a customized 1:24 scale (about 6.7cm) figure hand-painted by craftsmen by paying 50,000 yen (tax included).

In the future, SMALL WORLDS will cheer for the “memorial days” of our dear visitors in various ways through figures.