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NEWS 2020/12/21

About a part-time staff infected with the COVID-19

Today, we learned that one of the staff members (part-timer) working at SMALL WORLDS TOKYO (Koto-ku, Tokyo) operated by our company was infected with the COVID-19.

The last day of work for the infected staff member was December 18. In the midnight after returning home, he had a fever of 38.5℃ and started home quarantine on the following day. He took a PCR test in the hospital and tested positive in the morning of December 21 (today).
According to the standards of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare there is no “close contact” among other staff members. We have reported this case to the public health center and ordered staff members who worked in the same office and had contact with the infected staff member to start home quarantine from today.
In addition, the working place of this staff member is different from that of the staff member diagnosed on December 10 and there was no contact between them, therefore it is not a cluster.

<About our response>
In response to this matter, we will take the following measures to ensure that visitors feel even more secure and at ease:

  • ・Staff members who had a contact with the infected staff member during the incubation period were ordered to stay at home starting from today.
  • ・We will disinfect the office where the infected staff member worked as well as handrails, doorknobs, tables, elevator buttons and other places inside the theme park that visitors are likely to touch.
  • ・Our staff will continue to take temperature, wear masks and wash their hands.
  • ・We will continue taking temperature of all visitors and asking them to wear masks and disinfect their hands.

<About the staff member infected with the COVID-19>
The infected staff member worked mostly in the backyard and did not have a direct contact with visitors.
In addition, this staff member wore a mask during work.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and worry caused by this issue to our visitors and partners.
We will take additional measures and continue to work with the public health center and other related agencies to strengthen the health management of our staff and make SMALL WORLDS TOKYO a place that you can visit with no worries.