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NEWS 2022/02/14

"SMALL WORLDS Location Plan" which allows you to take videos at the facility for free launched!

SMALL WORLDS TOKYO offers a place where you can feel free to do a location shoot for filmmaking to shot videos and movies.
Located in the Odaiba Ariake area which is 10 minutes’ drive from the city center, the easily accessible indoor park covers an area of about 8,000 square meters and can be used for different purposes. Apart from the miniature areas based on 6 themes, there are also a restaurant with a stage and about 300 seats, a pleasant lounge with about 80 seats, a modern bar with about 20 seats, a white-walled working space with about 150 seats, a Photography Club’s work base and other facilities that can be used for various purposes.

With the “SMALL WORLDS Location Plan”, you can use these facilities free of charge if you clearly present, mention and indicate that your video was filmed in SMALL WORLDS TOKYO! Please make the most use of the elaborate and luxurious space of SMALL WORLDS.
Please use SMALL WORLDS TOKYO, one of the best locations in Tokyo, to make the full use of your creative ideas.

300-seat restaurant with a stage

■1:80 scale miniature area based on 6 themes
A miniature world has been created under the 6 themes including airport, space center and global village. You can shoot realistic videos of airplanes and rockets that are difficult to shoot in reality!
How to use the moving miniatures? The ways to use them are endless!

<General Price>
Park space : ¥3000 per 1m² (5 hours)


■300-seat restaurant
There is a restaurant with about 300 seats on the 2nd floor of SMALL WORLDS. In the front, there are a 13,500 cm × 4,600 cm stage and live streaming equipment. In the restaurant, you can not only dine here, but also hold shows and events. Mirrors can also be installed in some areas of the restaurant. This space can be used for various purposes.

<General Price>
Restaurant on the 2nd floor : ¥1,500,000 (4 hours & food and beverage will be charged separately)
Only stage on the 2nd floor : ¥600,000 (4 hours)


■80-seat lounge space with a nice atmosphere
The lounge space with about 80 seats that allows you to freely enjoy the sight of Kansai International Airport area is a space with a nice atmosphere featuring high-class furniture same as the business lounge of the airport.


■20-seat modern bar space
You can watch the rocket launch in the VIP room behind the bar counter. The bar space with about 20 seats is decorated in a modern style like the VIP room of a hotel.

<General Price>
Bar space on the 3rd floor : ¥50,000 (4 hours)


■150-seat white-walled working space
In the working space for workshops and other activities, there are desks and about 150 seats. You can also use a projector and make big movements such as action.

<General Price>
Workshop area on the 3rd floor : ¥1,000,000 (4 hours)


■Photography Club
The Photography Club is equipped with lighting equipment, green screens, PCs for retouching, dressers, mirrors, places for changing clothes, lockers, etc. It can be used not only for publicity material shooting, but also as a photo studio.
In addition, since this room has access to other places, it can also be used as a waiting room for performers.


■Fully equipped facilities
Besides, there are waiting rooms (large room for 12 people & 2 private rooms), an elevator with a loading weight of 3 tons that is convenient for carrying equipment, power supply equipment to be installed in various places, parking lot, etc. Therefore, we can offer various facilities to shoot videos.

■Other available services
We provide various services such as the production of miniatures for shooting, background video production, miniature figure production, digital figure (AR data) production, workshops on figure production, backyard tour, etc. Please make inquiries for details.

【Application flow】

① Please fill in or upload the outline of your project and the questions your want to ask (optional) to the “SMALL WORLDS Location Plan” Inquiry Desk.
② We will issue a permit after confirming the outline of your project and that it has no connection to antisocial groups.
③ You can use the facilities at the date and time you choose. (Since the available dates and time slots are limited, we will inform you of the available dates and time slots after you tell us the date you prefer.)

【About using the facilities】
◎Terms of use :
Please present, mention or indicate that your work was shot in “SMALL WORLDS TOKYO”.
◎Address : 1-3-33 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo)
◎Park Hours (as of February 11, 2022) : OPEN 11:00 CLOSE 20:00 (Last Admission: 19:00)
*You can also consult with us about using the facilities outside the park hours.
◎Reservation for shooting : You can consult with us about reserving the whole park or a certain area.
◎Copyright : All the exhibits in the park are protected by copyright, so our company’s approval is required before publication.
◎Compliance rules
Comply with laws and regulations
Comply with the agreed shooting conditions
Not for particular religious or political activities
Please be considerate toward the theme park visitors when you shoot during the park hours.
◎Usage fee : If you can comply with the above-mentioned rules, you can shoot in “SMALL WORLDS TOKYO” free of charge.

【About Safety】
Please take necessary measures to ensure safety such as arranging sufficient staff.
In addition, if an accident occurs during the shooting, please take necessary measures to rescue victims and stop the spread of damage as well as immediately report it to the police, fire department, our facility manager or staff on the site.
If there is any harm or damage caused to people, animals, plants, exhibits, building, or equipment when you use the facility, or if the equipment and items in the facility are damaged or moved, you are required to return them to the original state or compensate accordingly.
In principle, we recommend that you purchase non-life insurance to cover the compensation in case of the accident or damage.

<Suspension of use>
Please follow the agreed rules and instructions of the facility administration when you use the facility. The use of the facility may be suspended at the discretion of the facility administration in the middle of the process. In such case, the facility administration will not be liable for any damage caused by the suspension or interruption (complete exemption from liability). Please understand this beforehand.

Please clean the dust and dirt left during the shooting and move everything back to the original place after the shooting. Check with the facility manager or staff on the site after you finish the shooting.