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NEWS 2021/03/02

Great news! New spring programs

Great news! New spring programs

Exploring the small world, solving
mysteries, creating small objects
and having them as wonderful memories…
Here is an introduction of the 8 new programs to be launched in SMALL WORLDS TOKYO.

Great news! New spring programs

Experience the work of modelers and try to create miniatures!
Miniature Making

Try to make small objects and experience the work of modelers who create the world of miniatures.
Beginners and those who want to just have fun can make simple miniatures.
Those who have some skills and those who are confident in making handicrafts can try to make more detailed and professional miniatures.

Exploring the backyard of the miniature world by yourself?!
Self-Guided Backyard Tour

Use special electronic keys to open the doors and explore the backyard by yourself with a map and an audio guide.
Get surprised in the backyard of the miniature world and use a camera to take photos of the special views which can only be seen in the backyard! Have an adventure in the small world.

Work together to solve mysteries and win a present!
Parents and children solve mysteries together!
Difficult Mystery Solving Game

A difficult mystery solving game with a MAX?! difficulty where you should closely observe the small world, think and work together to find the answers. It is full of wonderful contents. Enjoy the “time attack” competition where you compete with other participants to see who could solve the mysteries faster.

Learn different kinds of work in the theme park from staff!
Work Experience in Theme Park

There are various kinds of work in the theme park.
Learn parts of the work in the theme park from the staff.
Through the 2-hour experience you may find your future dream.
While children are experiencing the work, the guardians can leisurely enjoy the miniature world.

Those who become adults or graduate this year can create figures for free!
Creating memories
“Coming-of-age Ceremony” & “Graduation Ceremony” Commemoration Plan

Those who become adults this year or graduate this spring can create their own 1:35 scale figures for free.
Create a special figure of yourself wearing a uniform and holding a school bag to leave it as a memory that can only be left now.

Connect the letters hidden in the treasure chests to get the answer!
Find the treasure chests
hidden in the Global Village

Small treasure chests are hidden in the small world.
You can find the answer by finding all of them and connecting the letters inside.
If you find the answer, you can get some sweets as a present.
Look closely at the small but vast world to find the treasure chests!

Create a miniature which will be displayed in the park
and become a little ambassador!
Little Ambassador STEAM

“Peace Communication City”, an ideal world created by children who shoulder responsibility for the future, will appear in SMALL WORLDS TOKYO. Let’s create a miniature to display in that city together!
You can get a special experience by imagining the future and giving shape to your free ideas.

Let’s work together to cook dishes of a certain country!
Little Ambassadors
International Understanding via Cooking

A cooking experience project where you can try to cook a dish of a certain country at the restaurant on the 2nd floor of SMALL WORLDS TOKYO! Get close to the world you haven’t seen before by cooking the dishes yourself and then eating them!
*The photo shows the Little Ambassadors program.
The teaching may take place online on the event day.

Create spring memories at SMALL WORLDS!

\ Detailed information about the new programs will be published soon! /

exclusively for Benefit Station members
where they can try the 8 new programs ahead of others!

The date and time of the event have been changed following
the extension of the state of emergency due to the spread of COVID-19.

March 21, 2021 (Sun.) → April 24, 2021 (Sat.)

March 21, 2021 (Sun.)
April 24, 2021 (Sat.)

●Eligible participants Benefit Station members