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NEWS 2022/04/25

New! A space airport of the future opens!

A spectacular rocket of the future launches in front of you.
New! A space airport of the future opens!
A spectacular rocket of the future launches in front of you.
New! A space airport of the future opens!
A new launch pad has been completed in the “Space Center” area of the world’s largest indoor miniature theme park “SMALL WORLDS TOKYO” (hereinafter referred to as SMALL WORLDS). The space airport of the future will open on April 29, 2022 (Fri.). The new space airport is a 1:80 scale airport that you have never seen before created based on the idea “It would be fun if such an airport could be built in the future” of Shoji Kawamori, the chief creative officer of SMALL WORLDS. Along with the countdown, the rocket of the future powerfully blasts off in front of you amid huge clouds of white smoke. It is so powerful despite its 1:80 scale that you will want to raise your voice. Please take a close look at the rocket launch which will bring you an extraordinary excitement.

■Never seen before! Space airport where the rocket of the future takes off!
The rocket of the future was created based on the image of “taking off using the laser energy”. After collecting a dazzling light in the rocket to load it with energy, the rocket soars into the sky in front of you amid a loud roar that could even shake the earth after the countdown ends. You will have an extraordinary experience and feel the power that is hard to imagine in the miniature world. In addition, the world where you can easily go on a space travel is created around the new launch pad, and you can also see the life of the small residents.
■Both the new rocket and the old one will powerfully blast off!
The old launch pad area that is already being used for the launches in the “Space Center” is modeled after the Apollo program of the 1960s. You can see the launch of the Saturn V Rocket that is the largest rocket in history in terms of total height, total weight and payload (load weight). The new launch pad was build next to the old one, and now you can see the launch of both rockets, old and new! Be sure to come and watch how the two rockets powerfully blast off!
■Different kinds of stories : Moving to space with ART MOVING COMPANY?!
The space airport of the future is full of various stories. One of them is “Moving”.
Carriers are transforming into robots and loading luggage on the shuttle to Mars. The pilots are also very busy.
■Space airport made by everyone! We are waiting for new residents!
Resident rights that allow you to place your figure in the new space airport will be sold. You can put a 1:80 scale figure of yourself created using a 3D scanner in some spots of the space airport (chosen on a first-come, first-served basis) and let it live there. Your figure can be set there alone or together with the figures of your friends or family members and you can even choose a story and pose for your figure. It will be fun to let “your other self” live in this extraordinary world. Moreover, if you register your e-mail address when you become a resident, you can receive event information available only for residents. There are many events that can be enjoyed by SMALL WORLDS residents, such as special lotteries to win presents as well as special workshops. How about becoming a resident of the space airport created by everyone?

<Available Positions (some excerpts)>
・Passengers in DEPARTURE LOUNGE bound for the colony “How about going on a trip to Mars or the colony?” ・People (holding boards) who are waiting for those returning to the Earth ・VIP passengers boarding the helicopter at the control tower heliport ・Crew members moving in the terminal and others