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EVENT 2020/09/09

"Halloween Party with Ghosts" to be held from September 10 (Thu.)!

Enjoy Halloween 2020
in a miniature world!

“Halloween Party
with Ghosts”
will be held from
September 10 (Thu.).

Pumpkin houses will appear
in the “Global Village”
Area because of the ghosts’ prank.
Workshops where you can make
lanterns and Halloween face shields will also be held.

Visitors have fun in the miniature world every day under the thorough measures against COVID-19.
From September 10, 2020 (Thu.) to October 31, 2020 (Wed.), in SMALL WORLDS TOKYO, we will hold a special autumn event “Halloween Party with Ghosts” where you can enjoy Halloween in the miniature world.


Halloween Party with Ghosts
Halloween Party with Ghosts


During the event period, the “Global Village” Area of SMALL WORLDS TOKYO will transform into a Halloween world. You can see Halloween in the small world. In addition, there is Halloween Limited “Figure Program with Resident Right” available only for visitors in costumes. It allows you to join the ghosts in the “Global Village” Area by placing your 1:80 scale figures there.

Furthermore, you can get discounted tickets at the price of ¥1,000 (Adult / tax included) if you come in costume after 17:00. We will also hold workshops where you can make lanterns or a Halloween face shields to enjoy dressing up.

At SMALL WORLDS TOKYO, you can comfortably enjoy Halloween while keeping a distance from other visitors and following COVID-19 safety measures. Be sure to spend Halloween this year at the indoor miniature theme park “SMALL WORLDS TOKYO”!


■Autumn Event “Halloween Party with Ghosts”

Halloween Party with Ghosts
Event period: September 10 (Thu.) ~ October 31 (Wed.)
Halloween Event Special Page
①A part of the “Global Village” Area transforms into a Halloween world.
The ghost area will open for a limited period of time in the 1:80 scale miniature world. A part of the “Global Village” Area on the 3rd floor will be transformed into a Halloween world with rows of pumpkin houses. You can see the ghosts and witches enjoying the party. What’s more, there is also a Halloween Limited “Figure Program with Resident Right” which allows only visitors in costumes to join ghosts’ party.


It is a traditional event held every year during
this season where the residents who love pranks
bring the Halloween atmosphere
to the town and have fun.
The town is decorated with jack-o’-lanterns
and crowded with the residents in costumes!!

But something is wrong
with this year’s Halloween!?
The streets are flooded
with never-before-seen ghosts…?
Seems like they decided
to live in the Global Village…!

And these ghosts are actively
looking for people to participate
in the “Party with Ghosts”…?
A miniature of you wearing a costume
may also receive an invitation.
Let a miniature of you wearing a costume
take part in this cute and amusing
“Party with Ghosts”.


■Halloween Limited Figure Program with Resident Right

Here comes the Halloween Limited “Figure Program with Resident Right” only for visitors in costumes. You can do the 3D scanning, and then your 1:80 scale figure will be set in the area. The figure of you in costume will be set in the special area inside the “Global Village” Area. You will also get a 1:35 scale figure as a present. (It will be mailed at a later date.) If two or more people apply for the program together, the price for each person will be ¥4,000! Come with your family or friends to the park in costumes and create a special form of yourself in costume.


Halloween Party with Ghosts
【Price】Adult / High school age and under: ¥4,800 (tax included / without Annual Pass)
Two or more people: ¥4,000 / per person
*Admission Passport price is not included.
*The special area will be on display until October 31, 2020 (Sat.).
*The special area will be moved to the event resident exhibition space after the event.

②Let’s make a lantern and go around the miniature world! Workshops to enjoy Halloween even more!

We will hold workshops where you can enjoy Halloween with your children. You can “make a lantern” to bring it to your exciting tour around the areas or “make a face shield” with Halloween decorations.
*You can apply for these workshops in the park (“SOUVENIR SHOP” on the 3rd floor) on the day of your visit.


Halloween Party with Ghosts
・Make a lantern
<Content>Make an original Halloween lantern with LED lights
<Price>¥1,000 (tax included)
Halloween Party with Ghosts
・Make a face shield
Make a face shield decorated with jack-o’-lanterns and other Halloween ornaments.
<Price>¥500 (tax included)

③Come in costume and get the Admission Passport with discount!

Halloween Party with Ghosts
This discount is valid only for visitors who come in costumes after 17:00.
【Discount Price】Adults ¥1,000 / Teenagers ¥700 / Children ¥500 (all tax included)
【Condition】Only for visitors coming after 17:00
*You can’t get the discount if you wear the following items:
・Only accessories and headbands
・Only face paint
・Only a T-shirt with Halloween patterns