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NEWS 2020/10/30

Now you can use "Regional Coupon" of "Go To Travel Campaign" in the park

Save up more!
Use “Regional Coupon” and have fun at

You can use “Regional Coupon” of “Go To Travel Campaign” at SMALL WORLDS TOKYO.
We accept both paper and electronic coupons.
You can use the coupons to buy Admission Passports, goods at Souvenir Shop or plans coming with a figure of yourself made using a 3D scanner.

【How to have fun at SMALL WORLDS
TOKYO with “Regional Coupon”】

Example 1: “Regional Coupon” (¥12,000 worth) for two people

  • Admission Passport (for two people)
    Creating a 3D figure of yourself
    (for two people)

    *The figure will be shipped 3 weeks after the 3D scanning.

    Just by paying an extra ¥400
    you can even create your 3D figures!

For those who want to create
a miniature figure of themselves

Example 2: “Regional Coupon” (¥3,000 worth) for one person

  • Alcoholic drink & Snacks Set Plan

    You can use it to buy an Annual Passport and “Alcoholic drink & Snacks Set Plan” including alcoholic drink and snacks offered at the restaurant “WHITE ART” on the 2nd floor.

    You can enjoy Alcoholic drink
    & Snacks Set Plan
    coming with Annual Passport!

Special plans including meals and drinks