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NEWS 2020/04/20

Fight back COVID-19 Precautionary measures against novel coronavirus at SMALL WORLDS

*Based on the idea of “a prototype introducing Japan’s technologies”, SMALL WORLDS will convey its ideas to the world as a “prototype” of an indoor facility that has implemented precautionary measures against COVID-19.

SMALL WORLDS TOKYO will take measures to protect visitors from COVID-19 from the following 6 perspectives so that everyone can enjoy the park safely.


  1. Visitor limit: We will limit the number of visitors so that all visitors can fully enjoy themselves in the park while maintaining a 2-meter distance from other people.
  2. Time limit: Each visitor can have fun in SMALL WORLDS TOKYO for only two hours.


<Enclosed spaces>

  1. Disinfection: Hypochlorous acid sprays are placed at the key areas inside the facility.
  2. Ventilation: The premises are regularly and thoroughly aired out. Moreover, we created air passages in the exhibition areas so that those areas can be aired out at any time.
  3. Restricted areas: Please use the stairs. (To avoid enclosed spaces, please refrain from using elevators.)



  1. Ensuring a 2-meter distance: Light projections will be used at the photo spots, where people are likely to gather, to make the 2-meter distance easy to understand.
  2. Going around side by side: The exhibition layout prevents visitors from going around face to face.


<No admittance>

  1. Registration of contact information: Personal information will be kept at SMALL WORLDS TOKYO for 14 days. We will take a photo of your ID at the entrance and print it out. You need to write down your email address on this paper and hand it to us. Moreover, please use disposable pencils.
  2. Temperature examination: We will place sensors at the two entrances and use thermography to take your temperature. Visitors will not be admitted if their temperature is above 37.5℃.
  3. DEFENDER-X examination: We will identify visitors who are nervous due to the concerns about the novel coronavirus. In such cases, the staff will do detailed checks and ask questions.
  4. Admission guidance: Please check out the requests and notice about precautionary measures against COVID-19 in the video at the entrance.


<Avoiding getting infected>

  1. Hand disinfection: Non-contact alcohol disinfectants and sanitizing tissues will be placed at each handrail.
  2. Use of gloves: Gloves and garbage cans will be placed in each area.
  3. Etiquette: Our staff will remind you of viewing etiquette, such as “avoiding touching your face”. You can also see the reminders on signages and in the news videos inside the miniature exhibition.
  4. Safe visit: Only visitors who can safely come without using public transport are allowed to enter the park.


<Preventing further infections>

  1. Wearing of masks: All entering visitors will be reminded to wear masks.
  2. Disinfection measures: A thorough cleaning and disinfection will be carried out at all places that you may touch with your hands.
  3. Washrooms: There are washrooms in the venue.
  4. Measures at the counter: At the ticket counters, our staff will serve you across the panels or using face covers.