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SMALL WORLDS TOKYO Miniature contest #2Winners of the 2nd Miniature Contest

Thank you very much for participating in the 2nd Miniature Contest.
There were many amazing works, so it was difficult for judges to decide. After a rigorous judging process, they awarded the following works.
Congratulations to all winners!

The 2nd Miniature Contest Overview

Submission Period :
November 15, 2021 (Mon.) ~ January 14, 2022 (Fri.)

Theme :

“Micro Gardening”


All submitted works

Gold Award


When Hydrangeas Bloom


Comment from the judge :
It is a sight that makes you unconsciously want to put your palms together on a path in a forest. The cube is well composed. The mossy rocks, carefully crafted hydrangeas, ferns and dripping spring water will remind you of the land with plenty of water, the forest terrain connecting this piece of land and the surrounding area and the scent of mountains. I’d like to applaud this diorama for the outstanding production techniques and its ability to evoke so many different things! (Takahiro Sakamoto)

This work combines all the abilities, such as theme setting, composition skills and advanced technical skills to accurately reproduce these things, which makes it a comprehensively wonderful work. As hydrangea is a seasonal word for the midsummer and rainy season, it is a flower matching well with the rain. Even without using the rain, which is difficult to reproduce in such a diorama, the moist atmosphere is created by the hydrangeas placed along the approach leading to the shrine in the shadow of a rock with a small waterfall splashing water around. Is it a novel form of expression? This work got me very interested. (Tatsuya Kaneko)

It is a work that makes people feel that a profound story is about to begin. This diorama perfectly combines advanced production techniques and devotion. The first thing that surprised me was that the main theme (?), hydrangeas, are all handmade. The reproduction of sheared leaves and tiny petals is unbelievable. It looks like the author of this work is well-experienced in making the construction of the mossy ground, torii gates and shrines. I think he usually creates such dioramas. The vegetation in the background is not excessive, and I liked this moderate arrangement. If I have to make one request, it would be better to use ferns instead of palm leaves. (Representative of Wako Model Creative (Ink.) : Hiroaki Hori)

Silver Award


Cherry Blossoms at Night


Comment from the judge :
I felt the tenacity of Shin who participated in this contest themed upon “micro gardening” with only one cherry blossom tree.
The compilation of countless well-made petals scattered all over is amazing. I think that it took a long time for the author to produce this work due to the unwillingness to compromise while he was imagining a large cherry blossom tree. The work warmed my heart that waits for the distant spring in this cold season. Although this work was painted with the phosphorescent paint, it will be more eye-catching with the light passing through the petals and the contrast when you display it in the night scene as the title indicates. (Takahiro Sakamoto)

I was impressed by the trunk and detailed branches going up to the tree top. This tree can be easily identified as a “cherry tree” even without the use of flowers. The color and the shape of its trunk and branches as well as rocks at the tree root and on the ground all perfectly show the traits of “cherry tree” and I think they match the “cherry tree” very well. Moreover, I was also amazed by the author’s new expression method of using phosphorescent paint on flowers. (MORIN CO.LTD)

Kamizukuri Award


Cherry Blossoms at Night


Comment from the judge :
First of all, it is a brilliant work! I have seen many works featuring cherry blossoms so far. But none of them made such an impact on me as this one. Once again, it is a brilliant work! I was very impressed that I can see the author’s dedication from this small product and these small flowers. The bonsai-style arrangement is also very tasteful. It is a wonderful work that makes me want to see the arrangements of this author’s other works. However, one thing I’m curious about is the title “Cherry Blossoms at Night”. Even though the gentle pale color of the phosphorescent paint is nice, if possible, I definitely want to see the fantastic cherry blossoms in the LED lighting. (Representative of Wako Model Creative (Ink.) : Hiroaki Hori)



Miracle Pine Tree


Comment from the judge :
I believe the author must have carefully observed the pine tree in Rikuzentakata which is not straight but slightly bent and stretched. Its shape looks different depending on the viewing angle, so I thought that it was a high quality work.
Perhaps because the actual pine tree withered once before, the trunk looks grayish. The work exactly reproduces that color, and I think that it looks realistic.
In addition, the features of the place where the actual tree is planted are properly reproduced in the base which is another point that I positively evaluated. (MORIN CO.LTD)

Judge Takahiro Sakamoto Award


Equinoctial Week


Comment from the judge :
The fine details of the cluster amaryllis surrounding the Japanese pampas grass and Jizo as well as the color gradient of the autumn leaves are very beautiful. The puddle on the footpath is really exquisite, and you will be amazed by how this work is so realistic that it looks like a small version of real landscape. Moreover, by placing a Super Cub with white and blue as the main colors, the author keeps the color balance of the entire work well without adhering to the plants only. All in all, it is a great work! (Takahiro Sakamoto)

Judge Tatsuya Kaneko Award


Small Small Present


Comment from the judge :
First of all, I was overwhelmed by the power of this work. Residents of the dream garden made of various dried flowers, cloth, clay and beads are colorfully filling all the gaps. The work looks chaotic at the first sight, but if you take a closer look, you will see that the residents look like animals or fairies… I am looking forward to the next story starting from this garden. (Tatsuya Kaneko)

Judge Tenpei Morimoto Award


My Garden


Comment from the judge :
The theme of this contest is “plants”. But the style of this work, in which the author placed her favorite things first and then added elements related to the contest theme, is very good.
I think it takes great courage to produce a work with such composition, but I felt that it is well composed.
In this work, the plants are just a complement, but it conveys how the author meticulously made it while enjoying the process.
The finishing touches are also beautiful. (Tenpei Morimoto)

Judge Mami Sonoda Award


Garden with A Duck Pond


Comment from the judge :
Anyway, it’s fun and exciting. I want to keep looking at it and discover something from it. You will have these feelings when you see this work. Even without reading the commentary, you can feel the long-awaited warm spring breeze when you see it. I wanted to look at this work from every angle. (Mami Sonoda)


Little gardener

Little gardener


Comment from the judge :
“SMALL WORLDS Award” is an award the winner of which is selected by votes from the staff of SMALL WORLDS. We have received comments like “So cute!”, “The texture of the wood is good.” and “I want to see it from different angles.”

General Award




Comment from the judge :
It is an alien from Arabiki called Soppurin, the official character of Primaham. Soppurin was painted by the author of this work in the workshop of SMALL WORLDS TOKYO. If we want to add a plant to Soppurin, what kind of plant should we choose…? Well, I think the author had a lot of fun when thinking about it. And the result was mushrooms~ Indeed, I also felt that the combination with the mushrooms made Soppurin more attractive (more delicious)?! (Tatsuya Kaneko)


Potted Garden


Comment from the judge :
Personally, I was interested in works that use resin clay, but I think the author of this work is good at observing and modeling plants. The atmosphere of the buds and leaves is very good. (Tenpei Morimoto)


Tree Airport

いちえとしお (6 years old)

Comment from the judge :
I can feel that the author wants to have a world trip with his friends from this work. I realized that I also want to keep having that kind of gentle feeling in the future. (Mami Sonoda)

Flower Truck

Flower Truck


Comment from the judge :
This work accurately reproduces an actual track that carries flowers in Nashville, the U.S.A. The truck was made by remodeling a plastic model, and the flowers were assembled from a miniature paper kit. The other original parts were made by the author. The combination of the calm green truck and the colorful flowers makes the work very attractive. I think it would be better to fold the hood a little more if possible, so that we can see the flowers better. (Tatsuya Kaneko)

Junior Award


Children’s Playground

miriwota (14 years old)



奏志 (12 years old)


Treasure in the Forest

TOUSI (10 years old)


Nandemo Naru Ki

千穂 (3 years old)