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All works of the 2nd Miniature Contest

Thank you for your participation in the 2nd Miniature Contest.

The 2nd Miniature Contest Overview

Submission Period :
November 15, 2021 (Mon.) ~ January 14, 2022 (Fri.)

Theme :

“Micro Gardening”

All submitted works

*Works are numbered in the order of submission.

  • 01Children’s Playground

    Abandoned container along the railroad tracks. Ladder that must be set up by children. But it seems that children no longer come to play here.

  • 02Standby

  • 03

    The log on which the woman sits and the tree trunk were carved out of a square timber. The flowers scattered on the lawn are actually a sprinkled mixture of pepper and spices.

  • 04Garden with a Duck Pond

    The sugar jar was made into a red-roofed house in a big garden. Shadows in different shapes casted by the leaves falling from the symbolic tree decorate the lawn. The small bird’s nest on the tree is waiting for inhabitants! In the pond, little ducks swim in a row. The work captures the moment of spring when plants start to bud. Please enjoy this peaceful time.

  • 05Peaceful Spring Day

    I made a shrine from a scratch in order to make the weeping cherry tree look like an old tree. I also placed a figure created at SMALL WORLDS nearby to make it look like a tourist spot. Furthermore I modified Preiser dolls to enhance visual impact and made Galaxy Express 999’s Tetsuro (from a scratch) and Maetel. Since this work depicts Galaxy Express 999, I also placed children playing train. (The child at the back is looking away and doesn’t realize that the “train” has left.)

  • 06Easter

    I made tulips, nemophila and other colorful flowers out of resin clay. I created this work to place the 1:35 scale figures of us on it.

  • 07camp

    I used paper clay to make the ground and mushrooms. Soppurin is camping in the garden to monitor the earthlings. If you smell something good in the garden, there might be Soppurin…

  • 08Announcement of a Plan for Happy Post-retirement Years

    My life at present may be around 8 o’clock according to the flower clock. In my old age, I will plant fruits and vegetables and enjoy them to my heart’s content. When I get tired, I will take a nap in the wing chair. I dream of living every day in this way and tried to realize it through a palm-sized miniature at first.

  • 09Secret Room

    I recreated a scene from the anime. I placed various plants to create the atmosphere of the movie while looking at the images over and over again. I hope this work will make you remember this scene.

  • 10Potted Garden

    I was focused when making this work.
    I used to only create single potted plants, but I had a lot of fun combining and positioning the plants, so I would like to try to make a larger work next time.

  • 11Wedding Flower Cake

    This work was inspired by my friend’s wedding ceremony.
    I hope it can convey the cheerful, gorgeous and happy vibes of my friend’s wedding ceremony.

  • 12New Earth

    I imagined the continuation of the movie “Silent Running” which I saw in my childhood several decades ago. A greenhouse dome washed ashore on a desolated planet somewhere in space. The plants that fell from it take roots on the new planet and a “new Earth” appears. Dewey, a drone (robot), continues to admirably take care of the plants.

  • 13Heritage of the Heisei Period

    I created this work with the hope that the game console that was popular in the Heisei period will remain as a heritage. I made a diorama found in the ruins of the future.

  • 14Treehouse

  • 15Treasure in the Forest

  • 16Nandemo Naru Ki (chocolate, ramune, ham, fish, flowers, etc.)

    I created my favorite food such as colorful chocolates, ham, ramune, candies etc. and attached them to the tree.

  • 17Small Small Present

    A small small love story begins in a dreamy garden.

  • 18Tree Airport

    I want to take my friends all over the world through a tunnel of trees.

  • 19Miracle Pine Tree

  • 20When Hydrangeas Bloom

    It is a 1:24 scale diorama depicting scenery with a small shrine at the beginning of the rainy season when the refreshing light blue hydrangeas bloom. Hydrangea flowers were made by sticking finely cut pieces of paper around a styrene foam base, and the leaves were also cut out of paper.

  • 21Garden of my heart

    I imagined a garden that would make me feel excited if I went there, and then I used paper to present it. I hope that you will also have fun imagining what kind of scenery is behind the door at the end of this garden.

  • 22Over There!

    I used two sets of plane trees from Kamizukuri series to make a roadside tree. The third set didn’t arrive in time, so the branches look a little bit empty… Pigeons are from a plastic kit of MiniArt. It was difficult to paint them because of their small size. I made the base in fan shape to convey children’s running speed (I wonder if it is conveyed.).

  • 23Arrival of Spring

  • 24Equinoctial Week

    It is a footpath with red spider lilies and Jizo. I used a 1:12 scale Super Cub 110 made by Fujimi. For plants (red spider lilies, silver grass, autumn leaves) I used Kamizukuri series and careful not to make it look monotonous.

  • 25Golf is a sport to do in the garden

    I love golf. The golf course is a place to enjoy the natural scenery of the four seasons. I tried to create a courtyard-style miniature garden with golf tee ground in the vibrant early summer with grass, trees and flowers. The figure was made at SMALL WORLDS, and I tried to deform the flying ball. It’s fun to combine my hobbies.

  • 26Flower Truck

    I reproduced a flower shop on the truck that really exists in Nashville.

  • 27My Garden

    I created a garden with my favorite blue door as a highlight. It is a fun courtyard full of miscellaneous things…♡

  • 28Mini Tartan?

    I usually make only military vehicles, so this work became a good practice for me. Next time I will attach the windshield wipers.

  • 29Summer Vacation

    I usually make relatively large figures in a 1:35 scale, so it was hard to make this one in 20 × 20 × 20 size, but I enjoyed the process. I am also looking forward to the next contest.

  • 30General Store

  • 31Final Green

    I found that the work I made is totally different from the image in my mind. It was difficult to make trees and plants. This is my first time making such a work, so it was even more difficult.

  • 32Cherry Blossoms at Night

    I used cherry blossoms from “Kamizukuri” and sticked 2,400 flowers in total. I also coated them with the phosphorescent paint. The cherry blossoms will faintly shine if you move this work from a bright place to a dark place.

  • 33The Long-awaited Day, My Bride

  • 34After the Typhoon

    A typhoon that raged in the middle of the night passed. The old tree got its branches broken and leaves scattered here and there while it was desperately confronting the strong wind and heavy rain. Finally, it embraces a quiet and cloudless morning and gets relieved.

  • 35Miraculous Millennium Pine

    I’m from Odaka Town, Soma District, Fukushima Prefecture. “Daihisan’s Giant Japanese Cedar” has lived for a thousand years. As the gatekeeper of Yakushido that has withstood earthquake, tsunami and nuclear leak, it protects the “myth of the great snake” together with the people of Osugi.

  • 36Plum Tree Bench

    I made the plum tree that really existed in my hometown Nagasaki. I will never forget my late grandfather resting under the tree.

  • 37Little Gardener

    The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the theme was the secret garden created by fairies. Making colorful flowers and mushrooms was difficult but fun. A small gardener who grows a lot of flowers is trying to open the door and enter the garden. I hope you can find him.

General Comments from Judges

Takahiro Sakamoto

What surprised me this time is that many of the works were made by participants themselves with paper and clay rather than ready-made products.
We have learnt a lot as well. Thanks to all of you for participating in this contest.
Hope you will continue to support SMALL WORLDS TOKYO!

Tatsuya Kaneko

The theme of this year’s contest is “Micro Garden”. Participants were encouraged to create a wide range of submitted works themed upon plant miniatures. Therefore, we had a lot of imagination about what kind of works we would get. All the 37 works are unique and far exceed our imagination. Both the young and the old participated in this contest, ranging from 3 years old (created by parents and child together) to 70 years old. As we judged the submitted works one by one, we could feel the thoughts and the themes that participants put into them. That’s why I had a hard time ranking the works. To be honest, I would have liked to give an award to every participant… But I can’t. The winners were chosen by all the judges after thinking thoroughly. During the exhibition period, visitors eagerly looked at each work, took pictures of their favorite ones and chatted happily about them with their friends and family members. Thanks to everyone who brought such wonderful works. We look forward to your works for the next contest.

Takahei Morimoto

I served as a judge this time, but honestly I wanted to participate in this event with you after knowing this contest. Therefore, I had a hard time when I ranked the works
I think that every work is a fine one which presents free thoughts and the fun of making works.
Personally, I think there is no need to rank these works since people who enjoy making them are all winners.
I hope that those who are not awarded this time will continue to make works with confidence!
Thank you for the good time.

Mami Sonoda

There are many works featuring natural colors. They made me very excited so I like them very much. They are so interesting that I never get tired of looking at them!

Hiroaki Hori, representative of Wako Model Creative Inc.

It’s my first time to serve as a judge of a national contest. Somehow, I was really nervous.
My tension was relieved after I watched all the entries and I became more and more excited.
While I was looking through the descriptions and the photos of the works, the thoughts that authors put into their works and the scenes of how they created these works came to my mind. And then, I started to rank these works. It took more than 90 minutes to see all the works. In fact, I wanted to see the actual works, but I found I could feel their delicacy through photos as well. Once again, I realized the importance of making things with shape with our hands. I felt the warmth and emotions that cannot be brought in a digital way from these works. If I have an opportunity, I would like to participate again. I would like to give applause to all participants again. Thank you very much.


Miniatures and dioramas related to “plants” is the theme of this contest. This time, we received various works which are beyond our imagination and show unique personalities.
Some works’ presentation was beyond our expectation and some of them even made us feel “what a brilliant idea!”. We got inspired after we saw these works.