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All works of the 1st Miniature Contest

Thank you for your participation in the 1st Miniature Contest.

The 1st Miniature Contest Overview

Submission Period:
December 15, 2020 (Tue.) ~ February 21, 2021 (Sun.)


"My favorite things, my favorite view"

All Submitted Works

*The order of works is based on the order of the submission.

  • 01Sea with the coral reef

    In this miniature I tried to show not just the sea with the coral reef, but also the emotions you feel when you see the sea.

  • 02Good-bye Phantom

    I heard that all my favorite F-4 Phantom jets will be decommissioned, so I made a diorama of the Phantom and people responsible for it. In this work I reproduced my favorite "machine" Phantom. Forever Phantom!

  • 03Creating a diorama of my favorite industrial area

    When I become an adult I will create a big diorama of my favorite industrial area in a size bigger than me. So I created a diorama that depicts a dream I want to realize someday.

  • 04Alright, Welcome to NEW ERA -From SixTONES "NEW ERA" music video

    I created the world from the music video for SixTONES’ song "NEW ERA" in the 1:150 scale. This music video was filmed at Byobugaura in Chiba Prefecture in the midsummer of 2020. I was impressed by the scene where the rough waves of the Pacific Ocean crashing against the cliff.

  • 05Countryside scene (Married Couple ver.)

    In this work a young couple prays in a shrine for their future, works hard in the field and brings the blessings from the earth to a water mill. In front of the water mill, the husband is taking a break, and the wife is giving her thanks to the Jizo-sama and asks for something.

  • 06Spring, summer, autumn, winter and cold winter

    The work shows the four seasons in a farmhouse in the countryside. Along with the appearances of the cherry and persimmon trees and the field, I also tried to change the way to open the slide doors.

  • 07Ogimachi Castle and Gassho-zukuri

    I tried to compactly put together the Ogimachi Castle, which currently serves as an observation deck of the world heritage site Shirakawa-go, and Gassho-zukuri. The buildings will light up.

  • 08Railway in the garden

    I tried to create a miniature of the railway model set in the garden. Locomotive, passenger cars and other details are made using the 3D printer.

  • 09Bouquet

    No matter how much time passes, I will never forget the days I spent with you…They will always be in my heart.
    From Midori Karashima "Bouquet"

  • 10Waikiki Beach

    My favorite landscape of "Hawaii".
    I made a miniature of Hawaii, which is difficult to visit, in a classic cookie tin from Hawaii to look at it every day.

  • 11Recon Team

    I like the combination of human and machine.
    Since the theme is "My favorite things, my favorite view", I created a reconnaissance party by combining a 1:35 scale German soldier and a robot.

  • 12North African Campaign

  • 13Teahouse in Kyoto

  • 14Praying for the end of COVID-19

  • 15Harley Davidson WLA(1/35)

    I tried to make my favorite Bobber-style Harley from the 1:35 scale plastic model of the military motorcycle by using aluminum plates and white strings. I make miniatures in coaster size.

  • 16Taking you to view cherry blossom with CBR!

    I have been a motorcycle lover for more than 35 years. The cherry blossom season is coming soon. CBR invites me, "Let’s go to enjoy our favorite cherry blossoms!"


    This work is The EMPRESS (Clear Red ver.) from VOLKS Garage Kit painted using a "Tsugaru" lacquering, a traditional technique that I like most. Two types of paint, red clear and powder, were layered in 20 layers and sharpened to create a marble pattern.


    Inspired by the photo of a German sidecar troop adoring a dog, I created a scene where a handler rushes to the scene with his buddy. I made the torso of the dog sitting in the sidecar using etching.

  • 19Ambush

  • 20Autumn air

  • 21Early summer of 1947

  • 22Protecting the Earth

  • 23Light Armored Car*Sample display

  • 24Military Pajero
    *Sample display

  • 25On a break

  • 26Second Life
    *Sample display

  • 27NSX*Sample display

  • 28Muddy battlefield

  • 29Vehicle of friendly forces

  • 30Waiting

  • 31What is this, a mud?

  • 32Cold

  • 33Girls und Panzer

  • 34Getting lost

  • 35Moss

  • 36Travel*Sample display

  • 37Winter

  • 38Solutional Cave

  • 39Swiss Air Force Bf 109 E-3

  • 40HTV (H-II Transfer Vehicle)

    No matter how old I get I still love the space because it has infinite possibilities. I tried to make HTV=H-II Transfer Vehicle which connects the space and the Earth.

  • 41Rose Garden

    I started to make miniatures for mini ourselves a month ago. Since I learned how to make roses, I made a rose arbor in the rose garden where we went together before. There are 150 roses in the rose arbor and more than 200 roses in total!

  • 42Romance of the ancient times

  • 43Kamikaze preparing to take off

    In 1937, "Kamikaze" flew 15,357 km from Tachikawa to London in about 51 hours and set a world record! I made a 1:150 scale diorama of Kamikaze which is about to take off in Tachikawa.

  • 44Late autumn

    Mini art: a 1:35 scale German tractor After finishing the basic painting, I used oil paint to apply the weathering. The hut is made of balsa wood, and the fence is made of plastic. I also used epoxy putty and wire to make this tree.

  • 45Thank you, Neon Genesis Evangelion.

    I made the wrecked hull by imagining its insides.
    Evangelion was remodeled from the capsule toy to suit the scene. I enjoyed the process of thinking about how to present the state of the water drops and the ripples that spread in circles on the surface of the sea.

  • 46Silent Night

    I used warp yarns on the front and back of the acrylic board and drew pictures using weft yarns.
    I stuck a piece of cloth to the background to make it look like a shadow box. However, if you take it out, the scenery will look different since the background becomes transparent.

  • 47"Rabbit"

    My elder sister born in the year of Rabbit welcomes her 70th birthday. I made this work to congratulate her.
    She is living with our 97-year-old mother, so I also wanted to express my gratitude with this work. I hope we will defeat COVID-19.
    It was difficult to carve a gentler facial expression for the rabbit.

  • 48"Yatsugatake" and "Mount Fuji"

  • 49"Ryugu" and "Hayabusa"

  • 50Flower in the corner

    It is a lamp inspired from a small flower blooming in a corner of the garden at dusk in summer.
    I collected my favorite colors and made glass by hand. I bent the glass parts a little to deliver a gentle feeling.

  • 51Aizu-Yanaizu Station

    I reproduced Aizu-Yanaizu Station on Tadami Line in an N scale (1:150). After seeing local people holding a banner with the words "KiHa40, thank you for the hard work" when KiHa40 was about to go out of service on Tadami Line around March 2020, I decided to create this work to commemorate this scene.

  • 52Plane City

  • 53A witch and her cat flying on a broom

  • 54Thumbelina

    It is my daughter’s favorite Thumbelina. I made it together with her. Since all the parts are very small, it was really hard to assemble them.

  • 55Cats and sliding paper door

    The sliding paper door with holes and tatami with cat scratches…
    The work is based on my memories about the cats I raised.
    In fact, I raised only two cats. But I made more cats and let them lively go on the rampage. Please look at this work from different angles.

  • 56THE Abandoned BEETLE

    Try to look for the remnants of the Showa era.
    I tried to reproduce how the ugly part of society decays as our life becomes more convenient. I hope you can enjoy it from different angles.

  • 57Fire watchtower and fire station

    I created this work when I was learning the production process in Ichiyoh Haga’s class which I attended once a month for two years.
    I have learned a lot from my teacher, and I will never forget the wonderful days I spent with my classmates.

  • 58GAME Consoles

    I tried to make the miniatures as small as I can using Lego blocks.

  • 59The world I see with you

    Under the tree where I first met her, I swore to "make her happy". I expressed the memories of the past, the determination at present and the expectation for the future with the flying cranes. The starry sky they see is created using the reflection of a black box.

  • 60Sailing on the Yangtze River

    I reproduced the Yangtze River in China around the year 1935. It shows the comparison between a junk ship that slowly goes downstream and the gunboat Katata that powerfully heads upstream.

  • 61Lupin’s visit

    On Christmas Eve, Lupin III comes to visit Nao who was under medical care. However, Nao passed away two days before Lupin’s visit, so Nao will never see the treatment fee and the bouquets prepared by Lupin…

  • 62What I want to eat now

  • 63My first decorated sweets

  • 64My first food miniature

  • 65Ranch work

    It is a peaceful ranch landscape.
    My favorite cow, furry shepherd dog, my old enemy crow and cute farm equipment… I actually have experience working at a ranch, so I used wool in this work.
    The fence was made using the real assembly method.

  • 66Aquarium

    I reproduced the world of my favorite aquarium.
    I created this work to make you enjoy the large tanks with the corals, the happy dolphins, the overwhelming presence of whale sharks and the lovely penguins from different angles.

  • 67Treasure chest of "I SPY"

    I hid my childhood treasures in the world of visual puzzle picture book that I loved when I was a kid. Children’s lunch flag, safety pin, bubble wrap… There are 6 items in total. Open this treasure chest like you would open a picture book and look for the items.

  • 68Take a picture of fairy Rinrin

    I used a 1:80 scale figure of SMALL WORLDS TOKYO’s ambassador Rin Okabe (Rinrin) and a 1:35 scale figure of myself to create a scene of us in the Pokemon world. (jerry-built lol)

  • 69Ramen restaurant Tatsuru

    I think that with a mirror, even a small space will look bigger when you turn on the light.
    I made the structure of the restaurant’s roof in detail.

  • 70Yoyogi Kaikan

    Yoyogi Kaikan, which is widely known as a "sanctuary" of TV dramas and anime, was dismantled last year.
    I made this 1:150 scale miniature from scratch using plastic materials based on how the building looked like in 2010.

  • 71"Cherry blossoms"

    This work contains my disappointment of not being able to "enjoy the cherry blossom" under cherry trees last year due to the "stay at home" policy. After I had completed this work, I enjoyed it as a "side dish" for sake!
    Hope we can go back to the normal life as soon as possible and spend a happy time under the "cherry blossoms".

  • 72Mother, me & Viscount

    This is a snapshot of my mother and me in front of Viscount before our flight to Osaka 60 years ago. It was taken by my father from the ramp of the Haneda Airport. I made this diorama based on that scene.

  • 73Mitsubishi Ki-46 Twin-Engine Reconnaissance Aircraft

  • 74French Front in 1940

  • 75Kübelwagen

  • 76Dispatch of Noborito 8th Division

    I tried to show how the fire brigade gets ready for dispatch when a fire suddenly occurs.
    The work is made of wood and metal just like an actual building.

  • 77Winter mountaineering

  • 78Sea landscape

  • 79Mini cake shop

  • 8030 minutes before takeoff

  • 81Down the Aura Road

    I put a figure of myself created using the 3D scan in the cockpit and realized my long-cherished dream of "becoming a pilot of a fictional robot" in a slightly different way.

  • 82In a city of northern Germany in August 1945

    I like to use miniatures to show peaceful settings.
    The setting of this work is a city in northern Germany. Children are also helping. The British army stationed there lent them a car. I love peaceful world.

  • 83Cat and goldfish

    My work is based on the image of a back alley in Europe.
    It depicts a cat who is interested in the goldfish in the bucket.
    I hope the days when we can travel overseas freely could come soon.

  • 84Nausicaä riding on Kai

    When I heard about the contest, there were only 2 days left till the deadline.
    I hurried to make the miniature and submitted it on the last day.
    I made Kai’s feathers (?) one by one by sticking pressed flowers from 100-yen shop.
    I wanted to modify the base a little bit more.

  • 85Sketch of Yomeimon

    I made a sketch of Yomeimon into a 3-dimensional miniature.
    The Sleeping Cat is hidden in this work, so try to find it.

  • 86Livin on the Rock

    I made a fictional diorama in 1:700 scale showing people who live on the huge rock based on the actual architecture of a sheer cliff!

  • 87DREAM BALLOON 2021

    There was a project called "DORAEMON DREAM BALLOON" on TV when I was an elementary school student.
    Using plastic models, I tried to create a balloon with the idea "This is a future balloon!"

  • 88Distant dream of the early summer spent with you

    The work is based on Star Festival held in the early summer of Showa era under Kiyama Sanren Bridge in Fukuoka prefecture of Kyushu. You can turn the switch and it will be the evening with lights and fireflies. These high school girls are standing there waiting. What are they thinking about?

General Comments from Judges

Ichiyoh Haga

When I received the list of submissions, I regretted becoming one of the judges.

The number of works was so big, and they were so diverse that I had no idea by what criteria I should choose. I have been looking through the list and doing nothing for 2 or 3 days. At last, I remembered the simple words said by a person in charge "Please choose the works you like." and chose the works based on these criteria.

Takuji Yamada

The theme of this contest is "My favorite things, my favorite view". I enjoyed a great variety of works of different types submitted by everyone.

It takes time and effort to make a miniature, but "loving it" is the driving force for that. Keeping that in mind, I think the moment of bringing your miniatures into reality with a lot of time and effort spent is wonderful. I could feel the joy of making miniatures from the submitted works.

If there are contests like this in the future, I would like to see the results of your efforts and passion again.

Kusuo Morii

All the works were wonderful and full of love, so I thought it would be impertinent to judge them.
It was fun to look closely at them.

Even if we say "a model", there are so many variations depending on the creator of the work!

Nevertheless, in the case of competing for a prize, incorporating the current topics may be one of the ways to create the work. If judges cannot guess whether the work was created for this contest or it is an old work submitted for the contest, the work must be really powerful.

Yuka Morii

Maybe it is because we still cannot go for a trip freely, there are so many works which will make you want to go traveling.

I also went abroad every month, but my plans were completely disrupted. However, I was greatly inspired by all your works. I realized once again that the charm of miniatures is that they can directly take us to a distant place or different era. These miniatures have also sparked my motivation to create.

Shoji Kawamori

All participants! Thank you very much for submitting so many wonderful works!

Each of them was impressive and full of individuality. The ideas were also unique. The scenes where you get drawn by a drama, details showcasing the craftsmanship, etc.
Each of them also made me think "I want to go there! I want to live there! I want to have fun there!"

Tatsuya Kaneko

The 1st Miniature Contest of SMALL WORLDS TOKYO gathered more than 80 wonderful works filled with various thoughts from various young and old, men and women between the ages of 5 and 72. It was fun to look at them, but at the same time I struggled a lot with the selection.

Moreover, each creator has shown their understanding of the keyword "miniature" through the various kinds of works and put their thoughts into the form of a work. An opportunity to share these works with many visitors of the theme park made me realize once again the significance of this contest.