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SMALL WORLDS ChampionAim for the SMALL WORLDS’ Championship!

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What is “SMALL WORLDS Champion”?

This is an event to hold contests of “making” various models and choose the champion in each contest.
It will have a wide range of themes and types including miniatures, parts, clay modeling, paper craft, woodcraft and painting.

We are looking forward to your original works created using your remarkable skills and fresh imagination.
Veterans and beginners, adults and children are all the same while making “things”!
Participate in the contests and enjoy “making things” even more!

If you win the championship in the contest…

Your name and championship title will be engraved on a window and a signboard in the miniature world of SMALL WORLDS.
Your winning work will be displayed on the panel in the park’s “Previous Champions Exhibition Zone”!

Ongoing contests

No ongoing contests right now.

SMALL WORLDS Champion to be held in the future

  • ・Skill Contest
  • ・Miniature Contest
  • ・Rooftop Scene Contest
  • ・Christmas Miniature Contest
  • ・Moss Terrarium Contest
  • ・Bead Accessory Contest
  • ・Miniature Musical Instrument Model Contest
  • ・Sweets Decoration Contest
  • ・Miniature Woodcraft Contest
  • ・Moving Miniature Contest
  • ・1:35 Scale Dollhouse Contest
  • ・Micro Gardening Contest
  • ・Paint It Yourself! 3D Figure Paint Contest
  • ・Miniature Book Award
  • ・Water Scenes Contest

In addition, we are collecting the themes for the upcoming “SMALL WORLDS Champion”.
Be sure to submit the themes that will make you want to participate in the contest.

Submit your contest theme

Past Contests

Scratch Building & Mixingbuild Contest #1

Scratch Building & Mixingbuild Contest #1

“SF Mecha”
【Submission Period】February 20, 2022 (Sun.) ~ April 24, 2022 (Sun.)

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Miniature Contest #1

Micro Gardening Contest

Models of miniature “plants (flowers, trees, grass, greenery in general)”
【Submission Period】November 15, 2021 (Mon.) ~ January 14, 2022 (Fri.)

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Miniature Contest #1

Miniature Contest #1

“My favorite things, my favorite view”
【Submission Period】December 15, 2020 (Tue.) ~ February 21, 2021 (Sun.)

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