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Q Please tell me about the closed days and park hours.

For operating days and hours, please check "Park Calendar". *Moreover, since the park hours may change irregularly, please check the park hours on the day of your visit in "Today’s Park" on the official site.

Q Is there a parking lot?

There are 2 parking lots for you to use: SMALL WORLDS TOKYO private parking lot and Daiwa Roynet Hotel Tokyo Ariake affiliated parking lot.
SMALL WORLDS TOKYO private parking lot is available only upon time reservation.
You can use the parking lot located just a 1-minute walk from SMALL WORLDS TOKYO to park your vehicle for no more than 3 hours. (¥1,000 / 1 vehicle). Check out the details on Lawson Ticket website.
You can also use a paid parking lot of Daiwa Roynet Hotel Tokyo Ariake with about 100 parking spaces.
If you bring your parking ticket, you can get a special parking price as a SMALL WORLDS TOKYO visitor.
Find more information here.

Q Is there a bicycle parking area?

There is a parking space for bicycles, but its capacity is limited. Therefore, we recommend you to use a bicycle parking area nearby.

Q Can I take photos and videos inside the park?

SMALL WORLDS is a theme park for you to "visit", "take photos" and "live in". Please have a lot of fun taking photos.
Check "About photography" for the detailed notice about taking photos and videos in the park.

Q Are there lockers to leave belongings?

You can use the coin lockers in the hall near the exit on the 1st floor.
Big items that don’t fit in the coin lockers can be stored at the ticket office on the 1st floor.

Q Is there a baby changing table in the park?

Changing tables are set in the nursing rooms.

Q Are there any items that cannot be brought into SMALL WORLDS?

・Sharp objects, explosives, other dangerous articles (including their imitations) and things that may cause harm to other visitors
・Drones and radio-controlled planes
・Food and drinks other than those necessary for people with allergies
・Pets and animals (except for service dogs)
・Other items that may cause inconvenience to other visitors

Candies, gum, snacks for children, water bottles and plastic bottles can be brought into the park.

Q I lost my belongings in the park.

Inform a nearby staff member wearing uniform. If you have already left the park, you can contact us using the "Contact us" form.


Q I bought the Annual Pass/Figure Program with Resident Right.
What should I bring to the park?

Bring the following items and show them at the ticket office near the entrance gate.

・Purchase completion email
・Document that can verify your identity (driver’s license, health care card, passport and other documents with your name and date of birth)

Q Is there any admission restriction system?

Since we implement measures against COVID-19, there are restrictions on the number of visitors for each time slot in order to guarantee a relatively smooth viewing.
If you buy walk-up tickets during the period of admission restriction, you may need to wait for a while before you can enter.

Q Can I enter in a wheelchair?

You can enter in a wheelchair.
Check the details in "Coming in a wheelchair or with a stroller".

Q Can I enter with a stroller?

You can enter with a stroller.

Q Can I enter with a pet?

No animals are allowed except for service dogs.
We are currently planning events in which you can participate with pets.
Please wait for the announcement on "SMALL WORLDS TOKYO Official Twitter" or "SMALL WORLDS TOKYO Official Facebook".

Q Can I bring food and drinks?

Food and drinks from outside are prohibited.
However, if you cannot eat the meals provided in the restaurant on the 2nd floor due to allergy, you can bring your own food and drinks only if your companion makes an order at the restaurant.

Q What are the opening hours of the restaurant?

For information about the restaurant, please check "Today’s Park".

Q Do you offer alcoholic drinks in the restaurant and the lounge?

We offer draft beer, highball, wine, champagne and other alcoholic drinks.
Feel free to ask the staff.

Q Can I buy goods without buying a ticket?

Some goods are available in "Online Shop".
If you visit the park, you can buy goods that are not sold online at the "Souvenir Shop".


Q Where can I buy tickets?

If you want to buy tickets in advance, please buy them at "Lawson Ticket" at least one day before your visit.
There are restrictions on the number of visitors as a measure against COVID-19. So, even when the walk-up tickets are on sale, depending on the in-park situation, you may need to wait for a while to enter the park.
Check "Crowd Level" for the crowd level information and choose the time slot when you can take your time touring around the park.

Q What kind of tickets can I buy?

There are "Admission Passport" which you can use only on the day of your visit, "Annual Pass" with which you can come to the park as many times as you like within a year, "Figure Program with Resident Right" which allows you to set your figure in any area and other kinds of tickets.
For details, please check "Tickets".

Q Are there any age limit for buying the tickets?

Visitors at 4 years and up need tickets to enter.

Q How can I pay for walk-up tickets?

You can use cash, all kinds of credit cards, transportation IC cards, e-money and other payment methods.
*Please be advised that some payment methods may not be available.

Q I entered with my Admission Passport, but can I change it into the Annual Pass inside the park?

After entering with the Admission Passport, you can change it into the Annual Pass.
In that case, the price of Admission Passport will be deducted from the price of Annual Pass.
You can do it at the Annual Pass counter on the 3rd floor.

Q Do you offer discounts for persons with disabilities?

There are discounted Admission Passports for people with disabilities and one of their companions. For details, please check For people with disabilities.

Q What is Backyard Tour?

Backyard Tour takes you to the most fascinating spots of SMALL WORLDS—its miniature exhibit area and production studio—guided by our special staff. It lasts approx. 60 minutes.
【To prevent close contact, only a group with no more than 6 visitors can participate in the Backyard Tour each time.】

Q Can I cancel my order or ask for a refund?

No tickets can be cancelled or refunded after the purchase.

Q I plan to come to the park today. Can I buy a walk-up ticket at the gate?

You can buy walk-up tickets at the ticket office near the entrance gate. However, if it’s too crowded, the admission restriction may be imposed, so please check "Crowd Level" first. If you come when it’s not too crowded, you can enter more smoothly and tour around the park while keeping a sufficient distance from other visitors.


Q Can an application be made by a group?

SMALL WORLDS welcomes group visits!
You can come here for different kinds of purposes: a school excursion, extracurricular activities or a tour with students from school/cram school or with neighborhood association.
Apart from education, we also provide time for adult groups to “reset their mind”.
You can come and have a look in advance (for free).
For details, please check "School & Group Program".

Q What is the minimum number of people to get a group discount?

We offer discounts for groups with 15 or more, 50 or more and 100 or more people.
For details, please check "School & Group Program".

Q Can I apply for a school excursion?

We are looking forward to your applications for school excursions!
Through touring around different worlds in SMALL WORLDS, students can expand their horizons and feel the diversity of society and culture. There are also contents that can be learned from STEAM and SDGs perspective.
Moreover, you can attend different kinds of workshops including programming and international understanding workshops.
You can come and have a look in advance (for free).
For details, please check "School & Group Program".


Q What is Resident Right?

It is the right to set your 1:80 figure created using our 3D scanner (live) in your favorite area. For details, please check "Figure Program with Resident Right".

Q I have deleted / not received the Figure Program with Resident Right purchase completion email?

In order to enter the venue, log in to your "Webket My Page" and show the purchase history page at the ticket office on the 1st floor.

Q I have lost the voucher I got in Figure Program with Resident Right.

Please bring your ID.
We will verify your identity at the Annual Pass counter on the 3rd floor and hand over your figure to you.

Q Can I wear a costume during the 3D scanning?

Cosplay costumes are not allowed during the 3D scanning.
We are currently planning events in some areas where you can do the 3D scanning wearing a cosplay costume.
Please wait for the announcement on "SMALL WORLDS TOKYO Official Twitter" or "SMALL WORLDS TOKYO Official Facebook".

Q I bought Figure Program with Resident Right. Can I get my figure that was set in the park for a year after that?

After a year, these figures will be displayed in a different place inside the theme park. We plan to use them to create a wall art.