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Yukata provided by: Nagoya Gofuku no Towa


Get an Admission Passport for less than half its normal price by coming in yukata or jinbei after 17:00!
We have prepared a summer festival that can be enjoyed twice and various other events for this summer.
Enjoy this night festival without crowds in SMALL WORLDS this summer!

Get a big discount on the Admission Passport by coming in yukata or jinbei after 17:00!

Event Period
August 1, 2021 (Sun.) ~ September 30, 2021 (Thu.)

Discounted Price
Adults ¥1,000 Teenagers ¥700 Children ¥500 (tax included)

*These tickets are only for visitors who enter the park after 17:00. *Visitors can enjoy the above-mentioned discount only when they come in yukata or jinbei. *For those who want to change their clothes after coming to the park, there is a changing space in the immigration room on the 1st floor of SMALL WORLDS.

  • \ Summer Festival 1 /
    Go to the stall village in yukata!

    A refreshing stall village will be set in the restaurant on the 2nd floor of SMALL WORLDS after 17:00.
    There you can enjoy games such as shooting, bouncy ball scooping, yo-yo scooping and quoits.
    Visitors coming in yukata or jinbei can get a ticket which allows them to play one of the above games once for free!
    How about having your dinner early and creating wonderful memories of the summer night here?

  • \ Summer Festival 2 /
    Create a 3D version of yourself in yukata as a souvenir!

    The Figure Program with Resident Right “Yukata de Summer Festival!” is only available for visitors in yukata or jinbei.
    All you have to do is go through the 3D scanning!
    A 1:80 scale figure of you in yukata will be placed in SMALL WORLDS.
    Your figure will be placed in the special summer festival area with festival towers and stalls created in “Evangelion: Tokyo III” area.


Admission Passport


¥1,000(tax included)


¥700(tax included)


¥500(tax included)

*These tickets are only for visitors who enter the park after 17:00.

Figure Program with Resident Right Yukata de Summer Festival!

Yukata de Summer Festival!


  • Adult / High school age and under ¥4,800(tax included)


  • エリア住民権

    Your figure will be set in the summer festival area for a year.
    *During the YUKATA NIGHT, figures in yukata will be set in the Tokyo-III summer festival area.The summer festival area will be moved to the display area next to the workshop area later.

  • フィギュア2体

    We will create two 1:80 scale figures of you using the state-of-the-art 3D scanner. One figure will be set in the area and the other one will be given to you as a present.

  • 郵送サービス

    The figure present will be shipped to your home as soon as the figure is created.
    *The postage is included in the price.

  • ARデータ

    After saving the 3D data to your smartphone, you can use AR (Augmented Reality) to show yourself in yukata to your friends and family at any time.

  • \ Summer Event 1 /
    Let’s make a small shaved ice!
    Special Workshop

    Create miniature summer food using clay and paint.
    At the workshop space “WorldLab” on the 3rd floor of SMALL WORLDS, SMALL WORLDS instructors will hold a workshop where you can create a “miniature shaved ice”.

    【Event Period】
    Every Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday 17:00 ~ 19:00 Applications can be made at any time on the event days.
    ¥500(tax & material costs included)

  • \ Summer Event 2 /
    Enjoy the fireworks display in the “Kansai International Airport” area!

    In the “Kansai International Airport” area, you can enjoy the journeys of small people as well as the takeoffs and landings of airplanes reproduced in details including the sound of the engine.
    At night, summer-only fireworks will be launched on the seaside.
    Please come to enjoy the amazing fireworks display to be held at the airport.