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Mystery RallySMALL WORLDS Mystery Rally

スモールワールズ ミステリーラリ

To outstanding big humans

The transfer device that connects the world of big humans and SMALL WORLDS shut down due to a problem.
At this rate, you won’t be able to return to the original world.

You need a password to restart the transfer device.
To find out this password, you need to break the code scattered in each area of SMALL WORLDS TOKYO…

Let’s think.
Good luck.

Residents of SMALL WORLDS

A real mystery solving game created by up-and-coming mystery solving game creators starts!
It is a mystery solving game where you go around the areas to resolve the requests from the small humans living in SMALL WORLDS.
The game lasts for about 120 minutes. Take your time to walk around the park, use your head and solve mysteries!
Take up the challenge.

How to participate

  • ①Purchase a mystery-solving kit at the drink counter on the 3rd floor of SMALL WORLDS TOKYO.
    *¥800 (tax included) with binoculars
  • ②Walk around the areas and solve the mysteries while reading and analyzing the mystery-solving booklet.
  • ③Once you find the answer, tell it to the staff at the souvenir shop.

The game will be cleared if your answer is right!!
The little residents will give you a crown as a token of their gratitude.

In addition, the names of the top 3 fastest participants to clear the game will be posted on the time trial ranking board!

Event Hours

Opening time of the park on the day of your visit ~ 30 minutes before the closing time
*Please leave time to spare if you want to participate in the game.

Estimated Game Time (tentative)

120 minutes