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All works of the Scratch Building & Mixingbuild Contest #1

Thank you very much for the active participation in the Scratch & Mixingbuild Contest.

Overview of Scratch & Mixingbuild Contest

Submission period:
February 20, 2022 (Sun.) ~ April 24, 2022 (Sun.)

Theme of submitted works:

“SF Mecha”

All submitted works

*Works are numbered in the order of submission.

  • 01Robot that can help you

    Materials: Empty can, broken calculator, fork
  • 02Mechanical Soldier

    Since the theme of this time is “Full Scratch”, I took wires as the material and pasted them together with aluminum foil and paper clay. The work is made with fishing gears and junk parts of plastic models.

    Materials: Wire, paper clay, fishing gears, junk parts of plastic models
  • 03Give you a ride

    Materials: Plastic model, resin
  • 04Delta Wind

    Materials: Plastic cast, plastic model
  • 05Ammonoids (human)

    What if ammonoids evolve and become highly intelligent? It was born out of my fantasy of building a latitude for robots to take activities on land. Now I made this idea I had been thinking about for about 20 years into a three-dimensional object.

    Materials: Cream case, plastic spoons, forks
  • 06Lunar Gravity

    Humans have landed on the moon. The moon’s gravity is 1/6 of the earth’s. In such an environment with low indirect burdens, the development of robots has made remarkable progress……

    Materials: Plastic runner model, BB bullets, ping pong bullets, doll’s eyes, vegetable toys
  • 07Do future cats have dream of cat food?

    Future cats regret… destroying the humans who caused the sea level to rise! They have to work instead…… But humans actually appear as fish-shaped humans and so on (omitted) *This is one example of interpretation. Just interpret as you like (meow).

    Materials: Waste material, plastic model, pudding cup, clay, acrylic
  • 08family

    I reused the alarm clock, which has been telling us the start of a day for a long time, to express “family”. The lighter on display was used by my beloved brother-in-law. Even though we are apart, we are still connected by memories. Perhaps there is someone that manages all memories.

    Materials: Empty box, broken clock parts, clay, cloth, wood, cables, beads
  • 09Place where the Insect Mechas live

    A place where the insect mecha live. These mecha are kind. Please be friendly with them.

    Materials: Empty box, clay, metal, clips, wires, bead seal

    I tried to put it together in an ugly and cute way. But it turned out to be ugly only…

    Materials: BANDAI HG Hyper Gyanko, TAMIYA 1/12 Bimota TESI 1D, FUJIMI 1/24 Ferrari Dino 246GTS, Aoshima 1/24 DORVACK GUARDIAN
  • 11RODEO

    Materials: Lactic acid beverage containers, lighters, back closures, etc.
  • 121/35 AntiGravity Beagle

    Anti-gravity beagle with general legs in around 2085. It is mixed with lure, pencil cap, cigarette pipe and other plastic model parts.

    Materials: Lure, pencil cap, cigarette filter, other things, plastic model
  • 13If I press the button, can it fly?

    I used cans and plastic bottles to make an ONBORO ROBO, longing to be handsome, a little clumsy and yet to fly well. ✖︎ also… but fasteners can be moved.

    Materials: Cans, plastic bottles, nuts, nails, fasteners, etc.
  • 14Ceiling Bike

    I used paint lids, cellophane tape, ceiling lamp seat and junk parts of plastic models.

    Materials: Ceiling lamp seat, cellophane tape’s containers, plastic model parts, etc.
  • 15SF365 Step March

    This is a SF Mecha to make her happier. Where is this?
    Where is it going?
    SF features rich meanings.

    Materials: Plastic model, bonus, figure
  • 16Kousagi Reizou

    It has been ○○ years since the “2nd ‘Luxury is an enemy'” was held by the government which struggled in solving difficulties including food problems. The soldiers wavered without hiding their mind for the shining vehicle in the world that had lost its color. “Kousagi… Reizou…?” They swallowed while seeing an illustration of ice cream that they had never eaten. Is this an enemy, an ally or a completely different entity…

    Materials: Plastic model, cloth, paper
  • 17TEST SET

    I made this with the feeling that “When it comes to mixingbuild, Kow Yokoyama occurs to me”. I tried to make one and it looked pretty good. So I made another one.

    Materials: Plastic model parts, epoxy putty, plastic spoon, etc.

    It was made by real driftwood, toy bowling pins from 100-yen shop, small cases, ping-pong balls, floats and parts of various AFV kits. It was inspired by an autonomous robot who was wandering for water and nutrients to maintain a green environment.

    Materials: Driftwood, toy bowling pins from 100-yen shop, small cases, ping-pong balls, floats, various AFV parts
  • 19Venusuit of Wilendorf

    It is a fictional flying machine with the setting that it was ridden by a person who flew from the sky in ancient times and being excavated. It takes the elements including statue of the Wilendorf Venus, Cupid, and the angel who blows the trumpet (holding it in hands) as themes. By the way, the lower part and the thighs are made of a huge Jibanyan plastic model. (Head is made into the body and body is made into thighs.)

    Materials: Plastic model, miniature musical instrument capsules, antique decorative material of 100-yen shop, etc.
  • 20We stand with U!

    The timefall “Koketsu” scattering all over the world, through which people can only travel to the past, has been secretly managed by typical people since ancient times. In 2072, Koketsu in the old Japan is protected by the timeline guards. Todoroki Hanika, a member of the Security Force of Conservation Division, and work robot Murphy head for the village of Ukuna in 1581 in order to collect lost items of different eras in the timeline. What they see there are villagers who are victims of the hegemony struggle by powerful people. In order to help the last survivors of the village, Shige and his grandson Ten, Hanika breaks rules and confronts Nyudo Miage, Akaoni and military forces led by Daimyo…

    Materials: Spoon, mold for decoration, toy train, plastic model
  • 21good luck!

    This describes a scene where the lady tries to take off with an air bike which is maintained well. It was made by Yakult containers, car fragrance, tractor, Star Wars, Gundam kit, etc.

    Materials: Yakult containers, car fragrance, tractor, Star Wars, Gundam kit
  • 22GO☆TO☆MOON!!

    Speaking of SF, you might think of universe! It is the moon when it comes to the universe (lol)! It’s such an era that I wanted to make a slightly funny work while enjoying Scratch (^ ^♪

    Materials: Medicine container, plastic bottle, transparent spoon, plastic model parts, HO gauge figure, aluminum tape, etc.
  • 23Maintenance Spider

    Taking the maintenance machine inside as the theme, it was made by everything around me.

    Materials: Bottle gum, wooden muddler, PET bottle cap, egg case, bamboo stick, earphone, Yukimi Daifuku case, etc.
  • 24German Type 12 Self-propelled Mortar

    Materials: Dragon Karl self-propelled mortar, plastic board, epoxy putty, other runners
  • 25Armed Bonnet Bus

    Materials: LS bonnet bus, Dragon JSU122, TAMIYA, Bandai AFV
  • 26Tiger Captain

    It originates from SF tank plastic model “Tiger Captain” sold by Aoshima in the 1960s. The triangular caterpillar was so cool that I have remembered it since I was at primary school. Tracking combat vehicle, the body of FV 4201 Chieftain and the running systems of M1 and M60 were used. Plastic boards were made into fenders. I cut a PET bottle and made it into a canopy. And then I paint the surface and the bottom with can spray according to the box painting at that time. Finally, I brushed the whole surface with Vallejo.

    Materials: Tracking combat vehicle, FV 4201 Chieftain, M1, M60, plastic board
  • 27Landship for Planet Development

    Landship is a platform for planetary migration development. 1:35 scale TAMIYA Churchill tank, parts of 1:350 scale “Kongou” and plastic boards were used. Capsule machines were used for the bridge. I enjoyed it very much although it was a hard work since it was my first experience of mixingbuild.

    Materials: 1:35 TAMIYA scale Churchill tank, etc.
  • 28Human? AI?

    Future. The work shows what human beings end up in my mind.

    Materials: Shokugan, artificial nail, electric wire
  • 29From Rabbit House

    In order to play with my cousin sisters, I ride a bipedal robot to set out!

    Materials: Yakult bottle, spoon, Sylvanian Families, resin clay
  • 30Rocinante Rider

    Taking the theme of Don Quixote, the work is presented with accessories and electronic parts.

    Materials: Accessories, electronic parts, items from 100-yen shop
  • 31Semi-human General Combat Vehicle

    Materials: Freedom Gundam, 2-centimetre Flak38, aluminum foil, plastic board
  • 32Mechanical Wizard

    Materials: Fishing float, driftwood, dental floss, nitrile gloves, plastic model runners, parts
  • 33Friendly Mechas

    Earthlings, aliens, fighters and war-torn countries… Their relationship will become good while using this machine to climb up and fall down! Peace for everyone❤︎

    Materials: Paper clay, yarn, etc.
  • 34Secret Weapon “Junk”

    Experiments are being conducted in this laboratory. Secret weapon “Junk” is being produced by using a large amount of garbage. I expressed one of the days with a diorama.

    Materials: Paper plate, etc.
  • 35Migratory Bird

    Materials: BonBon from 100-yen shop, plastic model and other junk parts
  • 36Single-seater Bipedal Walking Machine for Work

    It was created with the setting of mechanism for planet development work. Main materials are plastic board, plastic stick, other plastic model parts, junk parts, etc.

    Materials: Plastic board, plastic stick, plywood, junk parts, etc.
  • 37From ISS to Endurance

    The most impressive one among the science fiction I have read recently is “Seveneves”. The last hope in the crisis of human extinction is the international space station ISS with the iron Arjuna asteroid Amalthea on the tip. To overcome the crisis, a handful of humans left in orbit bring the ice from the asteroid and remodel ISS. They name it Endurance…

    Materials: Plastic materials, metal rod, screen door repair materials, hologram chiyogami
  • 38Mechanical Creature M1

    Materials: Magiclean, Yakult container, Gundam, Ideon, bike kit, etc.

General Comments from Judges

Masa Narita

Every work is very excellent so it was hard to decide which one is better. It took me much time to select just 3 works. The age of applicants ranges from 5 to 63. I wish I could evaluate the works by age. If more works could be selected, I love the theme of “Place where the Insect Mechas live” and want to vote for “Robot that can help you” that is strikingly cute. I appreciated applicants’ works and was impressed by their imagination and also got inspirations. It is a good opportunity for me to expand my imagination. I would like to express my gratitude again for inviting me as one of the judges. Thank you very much.

Kow Yokoyama

I felt the energy from model lovers of different ages. I will participate next time!!

Tatsuya Kaneko

Thanks to your support, we could hold the 3rd model / miniature contest at SMALL WORLDS TOKYO and many people (38 works in total) participated in this contest. The age of applicants ranges from 5 to 63 and a wide range of people of different ages and genders participated in this contest. There are many unique works with variations. I was happy to watch the works, but at the same time I felt difficult to make judgments. Moreover, many customers came to SMALL WORLDS TOKYO during the exhibition period and they seemed to enjoy taking photos and talking with each other while appreciating these works. It is a “Full Scratch Building & Mixingbuild” with the theme of “SF Mecha”. The world of science fiction was presented through Full Scratch Building & Mixingbuild and all participants showed us unique works. I feel again the depth of your works that cannot be described SF in one word. It is really an exciting contest and thank you very much for your participation.

Yukihiro Suzuki

About the Scratch Building & Mixingbuild Contest of this time. What parts were used? What objects were used?… I gazed at every work. As a maker, I am always thinking about “This could be used. What a waste…”. I care much about all kinds of junk parts and am not willing to throw them away… (lol). This project is marvelous that it is a little bit like SDG. It motivates us to… create new life from the spirit of always keeping acute insight and taking good care of things. The contest gathered unique works filled with enthusiasm. We also enjoyed them. Thank you very much.


As a person who usually creates dioramas and miniatures of actual landscapes, vehicles and other infrastructures, I was concerned about what perspective I should take in judging when I learned the themes were “Scratch Building” and “Mixingbuild”. However, when I saw all the submitted works “lined up in rows”, my anxiety was blown away immediately, and my surprise and strong interests were unleashed at once. I was completely attracted by the worldview. Lactic acid beverage containers commonly found in supermarkets, caps, tooth flosses, etc. Though the materials are these everyday objects, I had no idea what the works were made from unless I was told. The transformation from “materials” to “parts” was beyond my imagination. They are all excellent works. From the above perspective, I voted for the works that had a particularly great impact on me this time. I served as a judge in the past contests. But this time, it gives me a great experience to see the works with such a fresh feeling. I personally think the contest is fantastic. It leaves me a strong impression.