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Christmas Event 2020

SMALL WORLDS TOKYO クリスマスイベント2020 SMALL WORLDS TOKYO クリスマスイベント2020

A gentle and warm Christmas that can
only be spent at SMALL WORLDS TOKYO.
Make a wish for 2021in the small world.

"Make a warm wish in the small world"

This year was full of anxiety.
With "refraining from going out" and "remote work" that no one has experienced before,
people wanted to go to nice places with their lovers, family members and friends.

We hope that you could spend a warm and relaxing time
and make a wish for 2021 in the 1:80 scale world.

We launch this event with such hope.

Resident RightResident Right Special Project

What is resident right?
It is a "hands-on" program where our state-of-art 3D scanner will create a 1:80 scale miniature of you, who will be placed as a SMALL WORLDS TOKYO authorized resident for a year.


\ Area Expansion /Become a tiny Santa and deliver happiness!

Santa Claus Field gathering Santa Clauses from all over the world appears only once a year. The Santas, who are about to deliver gifts to children, are in a big hurry! Turn into a tiny Santa Claus and deliver happiness to your loved ones!

¥4,800 (tax included)
*If you apply for 2 or more people, the ticket will cost ¥4,000 (tax included) per person.
・Resident right (1:80 scale figure placed in the park for a whole year)
・1:35 scale figure as a present



\ Only a few left /You can get a figure of one of
official ambassadors!

The Christmas Resident Right will come with a figure of one of the 3 AKB48 members!
SMALL WORLDS TOKYO’s official ambassadors who you can choose from:

Rin Okabe (AKB48 Team 8 Ibaraki Prefecture Representative / Team A captain)
Erina Oda (AKB48 Team 8 Kanagawa Prefecture Representative / Team K)
Maria Shimizu (AKB48 Team 8 Gunma Prefecture Representative / Team B)

・¥5,800 (tax included)
・Resident right (1:80 scale figure placed in the park for a whole year)
・1:35 scale figure as a present
・1:80 scale figure of your favorite SMALL WORLDS TOKYO’s official ambassador *Only 100 figures for each ambassador and on a first-come, first-served basis

HighlightsHighlights of Christmas Event

Christmas Event is full of highlights.
There are many spectacular areas and photo spots with Christmas atmosphere! Be sure to check them out.

  • クリスマスイベント

    Christmas market in
    "Snow Mine Peaks City"
    Tiny happy Santa Clauses show up in a beautiful town surrounded by snow mountains!
    The Christmas market enveloped in light is not to be missed!

  • クリスマスイベント

    Lovely life-size photo spot with Christmas snowman motifsYou can see many Christmas characters inside the snowman! How about taking some memorable photos with family members or friends at this lovely photo spot?

  • クリスマスイベント

    Photo spot where you can enter the small world?!Peeking into the small world and finding yourself there?!
    You can pose and take a photo together or try to move and record a video!

  • クリスマスイベント

    Santa Claus jet in "Kansai International Airport" AreaThere are Christmas-limited special videos and the Santa Claus jet. Maybe something good will happen if you see the special Santa Claus jet taking off and landing?

  • クリスマスイベント

    Christmas TreeA Christmas tree is set in the restaurant "WHITE ART" on the 2nd floor!
    Enjoy the warm Christmas atmosphere while having a meal.

  • クリスマスイベント

    How about Christmas-limited
    "hot red wine"?
    Here comes the hot red wine that will warm you in this cold winter.
    Hot red wine with cinnamon stick
    Restaurant on the 2nd floor:
    ¥550 (tax included)
    Bar counter on the 3rd floor:
    ¥400 (tax included)

Christmas treeChristmas tree to hang your wish

A Christmas tree is set in SMALL WORLDS TOKYO. Write down your wish and hang it on this Christmas tree.


Entrust your wishes for the next year or cheering messages
to the Christmas tree…

How about making a wish for people important to you?

Please write down your wish for the next year or a cheering message and hang it on the Christmas tree. You can exchange your messages for a delightful 〇〇 hanging on the Christmas tree!

You can make wishes for your family members, friends and loved ones.

We are looking forward to your participation.

WorkshopChristmas Limited Workshops

Time-limited workshops will be held during the Christmas Event period! Take today’s memory back home!

  • クリスマスイベント2020


    For parents and children!
    Make a Christmas snow globe
    with Santa and falling snow.
    A snow globe making workshop, which is very popular with children, will use Christmas limited parts!

    【Participation Fee】Snow globe (crystal ball + stand): ¥1,980 (tax included) *¥220 or more (tax included) for parts will be charged separately.
    【How to participate】Please apply for this workshop directly at Residency Support Center on the 3rd floor.

  • クリスマスイベント

    Christmas Special
    Make a glass cube block.
    You can make a glass cube block to decorate your home as a memory of your Christmas date.

    【Participation Fee】¥4,000
    【How to participate】Please apply for this workshop directly at Residency Support Center on the 3rd floor.

EventEvent Details

Event Period
11/5 (Thu.) ~ 12/27 (Sun.)

*Park hours vary from day to day. Please check Today’s Park for details.
*You can buy tickets and Figure Program with Resident Right in the park on the day of your visit.
*Please come directly to the park during the least crowded hours after checking Crowd Level.


You need an Admission Passport, an Annual Pass or other type of ticket to enter the park.
We also offer special set plans and discounts.