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  • Have fun at SMALL WORLDS

Let’s connect with the miniature world.

    Enjoy a daily life of the miniature world!

    SMALL WORLDS TIMES’s journalists
    will report on the mysteries and events taking place in the park on social media.
    You can also become a journalist by posting on social media with the hashtag #smallworldstimes!

    @smallworldstimes @SwTimes2020

  • Mystery Solving
    Solve mysteries!

    You have requests from the residents of SMALL WORLDS asking you to solve the mysteries.
    Read SMALL WORLDS TIMES newspaper issued in the Global Village Area and help them to crack these mysteries!

  • Magic Button
    Push it! The miniature world will start moving!

    Try to push the “PUSH!” button when it glows blue!
    Something will happen somewhere.
    Can you find it?

  • SMALL WORLDS Photography Club
    Join us!

    We have club room, equipment rental and jobs.
    Let’s take cute and instagrammable photos together!

    If you want to join us, please send a message to the club’s Instagram account.
    SMALL WORLDS Instagram

  • Photo Spots
    Take the best shot!

    You can see what the park is like during day and night just in 30 minutes.
    Choose a photo spot with the special lighting when you take selfies at night!
    Try to take photos at different spots with different colors such as red, blue and orange.
    Post these photos with the hashtag #smallworldstokyo!