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    SMALL WORLDS TOKYO Official Ambassador

    AKB48 Team 8
    Rin Okabe
    Erina Oda
    Maria Shimizu

    Streaming Platform



    Small Country Channel ♡

    Monday ~ Friday
    Live streams will be brought from 18:00 every day by different MCs from the stage of the restaurant on the 2nd floor of SMALL WORLDS TOKYO.
    In the 45-minute live stream, they will talk about SMALL WORLDS TOKYO, answer questions, make things and sing songs.

    How to watch

    ・In SMALL WORLDS TOKYO (restaurant on the 2nd floor)
    ・Free online streaming on the live streaming app “MixChannel”

    How to watch the live stream

    The program will be displayed on the top screen of the “MixChannel” app once the live stream starts, and you can select this program to watch it.