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ATTENTION Photography Terms & Conditions

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SMALL WORLDS has no restrictions on individual photography by visitors in the park.
It is allowed to take photos and video.

Please observe the etiquette and rules below when taking photos and videos.

Don’t touch the figures.

The miniatures are very fragile, so please refrain from touching them or placing things in the miniatures area to take a photo.
*Visitors with resident right are welcomed to take photos of their figures.

Make sure that other visitors don’t appear in your photos and videos.

Before posting photos or videos on social media, process them so that people appearing in them are unrecognizable or ask for their permission.

Use of large lighting equipment and other large equipment is not permitted.

Equipment such as reflector boards, softboxes, and umbrellas as well as the use of tripods and “selfie sticks” are prohibited.

Please be considerate of others when taking photos.

Please take photos in turn giving a way to other waiting visitors about every 3 minutes.
There may be some shooting restrictions if our staff judge that it is overcrowded or something may cause troubles to other visitors.

Don’t take videos while walking since it is dangerous.
It is prohibited to take photos and videos in the “behind the scenes” areas of the park.
Unauthorized corporate bodies / individual enterprises are prohibited to take photos and publish them to promote their own company.
Advance application is required for taking photos and videos for commercial purposes.
Please use the hashtag #SMALLWORLDSTOKYO in your posts on social media.