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Let´s set off
on the greatest adventure
of the smallest world.

Let´s look around
for stories residents have to tell.

Let´s look
for the unknown.

Let´s jump into this world
together with the miniature self.

Let the dreams
for space fill your heart.

Be part of the other small world.
Live another life in the other small world.

Walk through the tunnel, and you´ll see the minature world of tremendous scale.
In cities where people and vehicles come and go,
the sun rises, excitements fill the air, and the sun goes down.

What stories does this place tell? You may wonder.
As you watch the earnest people live their days in the beautifully miniature cities,
your busy days may be slipping out of your mind.
Wait a minute. The world you live in may be smaller and slighter than the miniature world.

Make your days


*The park may be temporarily closed and park hours are also subject to change.
Please check the park calendar for operating days and park hours.

〒135-0063 Ariake Butsuryu Center, 1-3-33 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo

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